Makeup lesson in london?

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  1. I have a few events coming up in June, and I would really like to do my own makeup. I need to learn how to do the smokey eye look. Im useless at doing eye make up, and usually have my makeup done for special occasions. But Id really love to learn how! So does anyone know where I could go, get a lesson on how to achieve the smokey eye look in London?

    TIA any ideas will be appreciated!
  2. Anyone?
  3. Go to a make-up counter in debenhams or house of fraser and get an SA to teach you? I think you have to book appointments though
  4. I think SpaceNK shop can provide you a one to one makeup consultation with make up artists but you have to make an apointment in advance. I made an appointment once with the one on Brompton Rd but i couldn't make it. So can't tell you if it's good or not.Here is the link containing all the stores.Choose the one near you and make a call. I think every store should have the same service.Good luck!
  5. Thanks hautecoutoure15 and Meandmybags. i think i will check out SpaceNK
  6. Your welcome noon, let me know how it is. If it is helpful, i will give it a try too.
  7. Might also want to check out 'return to glory' which is an online London based beauty service that comes to your home. I haven't tried them but my friend raves about them.
  8. You could always try Selfridges to!
    They are great.
    For the smokey eye look i suggest you go to the Dior counter and ask for Dioer Show mascara & Then look at their eye liners and there is a few they are huge and one end is the eyeliner the other is like a sponge sort of thing and that is amazing for the smokey eye look you basically maybe do a dot of eyeliner under your eyelashes at the bottom and use the other end to smudge it , It's really good! So i think you should go to the Dior counter at selfridges and maybe ask them and also buy those ^^ Trust me they are great for the smokey eye look! Good luck :smile:
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