Makeup! It does wonders don't ya think?

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  1. [​IMG]

  2. LOl Thanks for posting!

    Umm It's so funny that they said what a diiference Mascara makes for Eva. Umm hello- What a difference FALSE eyelashes make! LOL
  3. i was told before that the tabloids and such exaggerate the pictures!
    but of course we all know makeup can really transform a person!
  4. LOL, OK now I don't feel so bad when I wake up, hee hee.
  5. LOL thanks for the posting that! I love seeing these pictures of celebs not glammed up and like normal people.
  6. this is why i don't wear much makeup in the first place... nothing more than concealer and lip gloss on a daily basis.

    not all celebs look horrible w/o makeup though.. but wow, now i don't feel so bad about my flaws!
  7. yeah these pictures are a bit to the extreme, but all the same, I was thinking about that in top model, like Eugena, her skin is awful and when you first look at her, you don't think model, but then with makeup, its shocking.
  8. That is why with men, most of the time, you get what you see.
  9. umm i dont see any pics
  10. I don't think the non makeup pics mean much, i can still say a celeb like Kelly looks cute even after looking at the pics!! I do think tabloids exaggerate it a bit !
  11. Great pics! Makes me feel better about what I look like in the morning.
  12. woo
  13. really does make a difference!
  14. i much prefer myself w/out make up ...