Makeup for photography-heavy events (esp. weddings)

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Birkin or Bust!
May 10, 2006
Soul California
My favorite foundation to use when I do make up for Debutantes and things like that is MAC's Studio Tech. It photographs really well, with foundation stay away from foundations with SPF's and stay faaaaaaaar away from MAC's Studio Fix, which has light reflecting particles that make light bounce off your face in pictures making you look ghostly white.

I hope that helps a lil =]
Nov 2, 2007
As much as people are saying MUFEHDF, I don't personally agree it is the "best" foundation in the market, especially for a wedding. I wear MUFEHDF as an everyday foundation. I think if you don't need a whole load of coverage for your face, then Laura Mercier tm is a great option, especially in oil free which will reduce oil. But if you need a little coverage then I would go for something like MAC or Chanel foundations.