Makeup for photography-heavy events (esp. weddings)

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  1. Are there any brands that are best for events where you will be professionally photographed a lot at? Like weddings, etc.?

    I read that LORAC and Smashbox were the best brands (since they were specifically created for celebs/photoshoots)...but I thought I would consult with the ladies on this forum as well!

    Also, I just purchased the La Mer Translucent Loose Powder (which I LOVE) but will it show up as too sparkly/shimmery in photographs?

    Also, are there any special makeup tips/tricks if most of the photography will be in black and white or sepia?

    THANKS! :heart:
  2. I would go a little heavy on makeup...sometimes it doesn't show up in photos. Stay away from light colors like peaches etc. I don't know too much about brands, but anything highly pigmented like MAC eyeshadows should work fine.
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    You do not want to use too much shimmer or sparkle when photographs will be taken. Black and white photography calls for more contouring and shading/highlighting with the makeup.
  4. I did a professional photoshoot when I was pregnant with my daughter. My makeup artist/friend used MakeUp Forever High Definition Foundation and powder and I was very happy with the results.
  5. Yep, I agree with the other ladies. Will you be doing your own makeup? if I am not mistaken MAC started out as makeup designed for theatrical use, which is why it is so pigmented. I have been told that when you get your makeup done by them it looks fantastic in photos.
  6. For my wedding, my makeup artist used mostly MAC products. My pictures came out great.
  7. As far as blush goes, I suggest Nars. MAC fades on me by the end of the day, but Nars has exceptional staying power. It lasts from 7am until I take it off late at night.

    MAC eyeshadow is great, as long as you use a good primer. UD is pretty good. If you want to seal in your eyeshadow and eyeliner, use Make Up For Ever's Eye Seal. I use that when I really want to seal in my makeup for events or occassions (like when I do theatrical type looks - like Cleopatra on Halloween :tup:)

    I also find Nars to have better staying power in terms of lipsticks. To prime your lips and keep the color true, I use Guerlain's KissKiss Liplift first.

    The MUFE HD line is awesome, I have the primer, foundation, and powder. In pictures, my skin looks so flawless, it's like I have porcelain for skin.

    hope that helps!
  8. Wow thanks guys!!! So helpful! :smile:

    So it looks like the consensus is to go with MUFE and/or MAC and use NARS blush.

    My skin is super you still recommend going this route?

    Also, what about the "airbrush" foundations you can get done at a lot of salons now?
  9. My makeup artist is using this technique now. It comes out very nice.
  10. ^Cool!

    The only problem is that I am pretty pale, so I am worried it will come out orangish. Maybe I will go in for a test application.
  11. ^You definitely want to get a trial first. That is the only way you will know if the artist can work with you. Good luck. I'm sure you'll look gorgeous!
  12. Check out some Cargo BlurRay lines. They were created for high def TV.

    Cargo Blu Ray. love it.
  13. i use mac for special events. they make an airbrush foundation thats awesome and i have very fair skin
  14. make up forever HD foundation, make up forever HD primer, cinema secrets translucent setting powder, nars blush, chanel glossimer for lips
  15. Hi:smile: Makeup Forever, definitely. I love their concealer although they have very limited shades. I have also heard wonderful things about Ben Nye makeup, but that may be more for theater. I have yet to try anything, but their pigments, e/s, and loose powder are supposed to be amazing (among other things) and at drugstore prices (or lower). It can be hard to find though.
    I love Mac fluidlines for eyeliner that will last forever. Mac MSFs give a natural shimmer.....hmm I'll post here if I think of anything else.