Makeup For Green Eyes!


Elegance Is Refusal
Nov 24, 2007
So first of all, how many of you have green eyes?
....How easy do you find it to make up your green eyes?

To me, It's FRUSTRATING! I have stubborn, changable eyes that seem to go against every shade & become dull, or hazel / brown.

The only time my eyes ever look green is when I'm not wearing makeup or
I've used a pastal pink shadow, with nothing else! Then they look just weird & obviously missing something....

I love my eyeliner & My eyes are the features I want to bring out. I don't want them to look naked or just have a little pastally pink around them.
They make my eyes look smaller & that's not the look I want to go for.

I've been experimenting with warm shades, as these are the colors that are supposed to bring out the green. Pinks & warm purples, orange, brown... by worst experience had to be the purple. Though I love smokey eyes for daytime, the purple looked dramatic / just plain horrid & made my eyes look freaky! This was the same color that was recommended by someone working for Clinique. Argh....


Perhaps these colors are not the problem (minus the purple!). Maybe it's just the technique & I just don't know how to work with them.
I feel like I've been cursed with the hardest color to work with! :crybaby:

Here's what I do anyway:
I line my upper & lower lashes in a black
cover my entire lid with a taupe (smashbox) eyeshadow
& wear black mascara.

This just seems to be the easiest way to go for now. But my eyes are looking dull & kinda gives the illusion of having brown eyes....

How do you all make up your green eyes? What works for you?
& can anybody give me some tips on techniques, colors (& brand) or whatever?

I would so much appreciate all your help :heart:


Whiskey in a Teacup
Oct 31, 2007
I have apple green eyes, and for me bright colors are my favorite way to live I naturally choose teal, hot pink, purple, and bright olive greens set off with bronze and iridescent highlights.

I find my eyes are highlighted best with bold mascara, and then I can wear whatever colors on the lids that I want.

Instead of matching colors to your eyes, try matching them to what you are wearing. Hun green eyes are the BEST color! So don't feel bad about it :biggrin: Try looking at it in a new way. Feel lucky to have green eyes, there aren't many of us!!!
Dec 26, 2006
I have hazel green eyes.. and dark brown hair... so any dark color, likes browns and grays look really good on my eyes. I always line the upper eye and use black mascara. Chanel has a really pretty eyeshadow called khaki. Its a beautiful shade of green that really compliments my eyes.


IG: Alexa.Bui
Mar 14, 2006
I have used NARS eye shadow in Barbuda on green eyes with black eyeliner and loads of mascara for day time. It looks very subtle if you just go a little bit above the crease (not too much) and line your eyes with black pencil between the lashes (don't draw a big solid line or it'll look too dramatic) Piling on the mascara helps to open the eyes too!

I've also found that golden brown shades look fantastic with green eyes. You're very lucky to have green eyes! It's one of the rarest color of eyes and I really envy you :smile:


Oct 26, 2006
I have hazel/green eyes. When I went to a makeup counter with my mom in my teens, I asked the saleswoman what color eye makeup to wear. She said, "Honey, you're lucky, you can wear any color you want!" I wear only MAC makeup, the eye paints, paint pots, shadows, and pigments. I pretty much wear every color of the spectrum. I had always read that lilac/purple/burgundy shades bring out the green in green eyes. I have found this to be true. There is a chartreuse eye paint that is really spectacular by MAC. Also, I have a light green (forgot the color name) and an olive in the paint pots. I just wear every color eye makeup I can get my hands on. And I never wear the same color 2 days in a row. It's artistic to me to try different colors. Oh, the Delfft (dark teal) shade in a paint pot by MAC is dramatic, but you can use it in the corners of your eyes, or put it over the lid and mute it with white pigment mixed on top of it to make it lighter. This makes it look blue-gray. There is also a great MAC eye paint called Shimma. It's a light pinkish/purplish shade. It's neutral in a way and looks awesome. That's one of my favorites. My sister even loved it so much she let me put it on her for her wedding. I think it looks good on people with all kinds of coloring because my sister and I have completely different colors of skintone, hair, etc. Good luck! (And I don't work for MAC, I just love it!)


MAC Madness!
Sep 19, 2006
I have jade green eyes and they look great in a wide variety of colors. Most days I wear some kind of gold shade. My favorite daily shadow is from the Body Shop
I use the lightest shade all over the lid up to the brow and then the darkest shade in the crease. I also have great luck with purple shadows from Urban Decay (today I'm wearing Illegal). I do a great silver and gray smoky eye for night that also looks good with my green eyes. Hope some of these suggestions work!


-love life-
Apr 30, 2008
Green looks great with lots of colors. I suggest bronze and earthy tones, but not boring matte brown. Think sparkly, pigmented colors! Deep plums, smoky grays..lots of things will work. I wouldn't use extremely light colors unless they are peachy or apricot. I'm basing this off of very little knowledge because I've only done makeup on green eyes for a few photography sessions at school. :smile:


Sep 21, 2007
I have green eyes and while I don't tend to wear much make-up, when I do, I think that plum is the best shade for bringing out the green colour.

I agree. My eyes change from bluish-green to greenish-brown and that works best.

However, I am always too lazy to do eye makeup. I wear it once a year maybe and just do mineral foundation and sheer gloss daily...:shame: