Makeup does her

  1. Wonders. Goldie Hawn
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. C'mon! The woman is 61 years old!!! I think she looks fab for her age! I look gross after a workout too and I am only 32!!!:lol:
  3. Wow...well she's not that bad
    Rule of thumb, wear big black sunglasses when I don't have make up on..especially after the gym
  4. Well, lets consider it is after a workout!! I hope to look as good as Goldie when I reach her age. (I've got a long wat to go) but still....
  5. same here and even with make up on and fabulously styled there are pictures where i look hideous on :lol: ;) and i bet these snapshot exist from every single person no matter how divine they are in reality
  6. She is 61,:amazed: Are you kidding me ?

  7. I love Goldie, she's beautiful. She has a better figure than most women, let alone at age 61. C'mon give credit where it's due....
  8. I gotta give her credit too for being comfortable enough to do that. I rarely leave my house without some makeup on and I don't have cameras following me. She does look amazing for her age.
  9. OK, 60 and a half! She WILL be 61 in November!!!:biggrin:
  10. aww i think that even though she looks a little terrible here, i agree we should give her credit:amuse:
    still i think that for her age she is a beautiful woman:smile:
  11. Yea, it's not fair to critique her now. But it is nice to know that she is normal like the rest of us.

    What I would like to know is what is she doing with her mouth/lips?

    Some new exercise or something?! :smile:
  12. She is in incredible physical shape, I think. I don't know if she's had any plastic surgery, but if she has, it's been minimal. I think she looks great no matter what!
  13. Wow I guess i dont pay much attention to her that much to know.

    I've only even seen her on the red carpet /or all done up.

  14. I agree 100%....but damn girl can ya brush your hair, use a ponytail holder or wear a hat...geez, she looks like a escaped mental patient!
  15. I wonder if she has that tattooed eyeliner and lip color ~ kinda looks like it, doesn't it?

    I think she looks great for 61, but those photos are not the most flattering.
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