Makeup-do you buy in quantity or quality (or both?


How do you spend money on makeup?

  1. Cheaper products in large quantities

  2. High end brands in small quantities

  3. Cheaper products in small quantities

  4. High end brands in large quantities

  5. A bit of both! (What do you splurge and save on?)

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  1. Just wondering how you ladies spend money on makeup! Do you buy lots of cheap products, splurge on a few luxurious ones, or are you somewhere in between?

    I really don't wear much makeup at all-only foundation, cover up, and mascara-so I feel OK splurging because my yearly makeup budget is pretty low. But I do cheap out on mascara. I have sensitive skin too, so I find the cheap foundations don't do so well on my face.

    What about you?
  2. i buy makeup for quality and in high and low quantities. I mean, I reason that you put it on your face soo I don't want anything to possibly break my skin out. Once a year I buy a large quantity, and then every few weeks or so I buy small quantities. A few years ago I only used cheap makeup but there is a big difference in the quality/texture. Also I think that higher quality foundations and powders can be better for your skin. I think higher quality makeup brushes are absolutely worth it. My false lashes and chapstick do come from the drugstore though.
  3. I definitely have room for both in my life. I LOVE cheapie mascaras and eyeliners for me and a random few eyeshadows and glosses and then my foundation, blushes, concealers, shadows and lipsticks are all higher end.
  4. I splurge on concealer and items that I am really interested in. Ones that I can't find colors in drugstore items or items that I just REALLY want.

    I save on mascara. I have used all sorts of high end mascaras and have NOT been impressed. My favorite is the Loreal Telescopic Clean Definition.
  5. I splurge on foundation (but not outrageously so) as it's the base for everything else that goes on my face. But I've found that drugstore foundations over a splurge-y primer are also a good combo. Example: I love Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation. BUT I also found that Cover Girl TruBlend looks great but has a lot more all-day staying power over my Chanel Le Blanc base.

    When I was out of work for a long time this past year I had fun finding cheaper products (mascaras, etc) that still looked great without draining my wallet.

  6. I buy both. I don't know.... I've had success and disappointments with both high end and drug store products so I definitely don't think the higher the price tag the better for your skin, better quality, etc. I'm just a makeup junkie, I guess. I guess for items that I use up faster, I do tend to go the drug store route.. like for liquid eyeliner, mascara, false eyelashes (no way I'm paying over $10 for those).
  7. I know that if I buy drug store products I won't them use, I will just end up throwing them out so it would be a waste of money. I would prefer to buy more high end products but less often, I just buy what I need when it runs out. I'd rather buy one YSL lipstick than have 10 from the drug store, but thats just me!

    The only products I repurchase from the drug store are mascaras, I love Maybelline and L'oreal. The higher end mascara's aren't as good IMO.
  8. High-end in small quantities :yes: I don't buy makeup often. Twice a year (usually) but I always buy the best makeup that works and looks best on me. I don't think there is a reason to own 12 bronzers when you're only going to use one at a time anyways. Plus, when you get one that truely looks good on you, you won't need all the others.
  9. I didn't even finish answering the question... :noggin: I prefer to buy quality vs quantity. I think that's why I won't buy an 88 or more eyeshadow palette.
  10. I do both! i like to splurge on face and lip products because those are the main go-to items in my everyday look. I've found lots of places where i can get EXCELLENT quality shadows/liners/mascaras for low prices so that's not as much of an issue
  11. i do both as well. sometimes i tend to splurge on high end cosmetics, like ysl and guerlain lip products. and sometimes, i also buy a bunch of lip balms like chapsticks at drugstores. the drugstore lip balms i put at different corners of the house so it'll be instantly available everytime i needed it. because my lips are always dry, and i cant live without one.
  12. Well I think it depends. A lot of the time I tend to run out of cleanser/moisterizer/nightcream at the exact same time and I buy quality products for those because that's really taking care of your skin so once or twice a year I have to splurge and get those. In terms of makeup, I buy quality every once in a while because I don't wear makeup a lot so I don't need that much of it. I don't believe in cheap stuff because I'm afraid for my skin!

    And by cheap stuff I don't mean cheap-costing. I buy Cetaphil (which I adore) but that's beacuse I know it's been proven to be fine for your skin. Everything I buy I want to make sure is good and healthy, not going to make me have cancer/break out, etc.
  13. high end in small quantities
  14. i buy it all.

    it's easier to store than clothes and shoes and since i've started shopping with a more discerning eye (pretty much all designer or vintage clothes and designer accessories), there's less impulse buying for me fashion-wise. this has translated to MANY impulse beauty purchases, both low and high end.

    i tend to buy in phases of products or brands...i'm on a blush binge or buying everything i want from armani's beauty line until i have it all. that said, i am on a beauty ban for eye products through the end of the year. these are the things i use the least. i will use 10 different blushes, i won't use 10 different eye shadows.
  15. I have bought high quality in high amounts for many years! I have a makeup collection that could rival any makeup artistes! So these days I just top up my collection if I have run out of something or if something really catches my eye