Makeup Clutch

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  1. Do you know if the makeup clutch has ever been fake before?

    Thank you for your help.... :yes::P
  2. I am no help because I don't know! Can someone list all the bags that have been copied or not copied?
  3. ^ Yes, I've seen fakes of the make-up and even the coin purses.
  4. so have I!
  5. I have not seen any, but I would not be suprised if they existed!!!
  6. Yikes!!! I hope I won't get the fake one. :wtf:

    Do you see it IRL or on eBay?

    Should I go through 1000 posts in the authenticate sticky to find what it looks like?

    Thank you...
  7. Yep, there are fakes of the makeup; mostly they get the color wrong, and have silver hardware when they shouldn't, and the leather never looks quite right.

    I'm having a hard time thinking of a style I haven't seen faked - maybe some of the old flat-brass ones.

    Okay, I'm looking at the list. I have NOT YET personally seen a fake of: ghost, pochette, shoebag, oval, aulmoniere, and the newest motorcycle styles (toilet case, part-time, courier, bowlers, afternoons).

    All the hook bags are already faked, as well as the metallica line.
  8. I've seen fake wallets :sad:
  9. I have too - it seems to me everything can be faked these days! It makes me so :censor:
  10. I saw a terrible fake wallet the other day, and now they are selling quasi-fakes at Aldo, so watch out!
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