Makeup case....

  1. As you can see sometimes my iPhone has an issue with typing what I want...
    What is the lamer??

    Nice bag!! Love the purple:smile:
  2. I use a slim wristlet for most of my bags, although I do use my Amanda satin makeup bag most of the time ;)
    image-3874546654.jpg image-2149850419.jpg
  3. The Creme de la Mer is a deluxe sample of the body lotion. I loooove the way it smells :biggrin:

    That's incredible. How did you fit all that in there!!!
  4. That's incredible. How did you fit all that in there!!![/QUOTE]

    Lol! I just stack everything up, and push stuff to the side. I use this mainly for smaller bags so it doesnt take up much room. I have to say, though, when I'm in a rush for something it does take a little manuvering to get what I need. I do prefer a makeup bag:smile:
  5. I was thinking the same thing..that is impressive that she fits all that in that little thing...