Makeup Case Suggestions for Bbag First

  1. So I plan on heading over to my local Saks/Nordstroms to pick up my first Balendciaga. If it happens to be a Classique, I know I'll need to carry less things. One of the things I can downsize is my makeup case. Right now I use my LV pochette and I hardly ever use 75% of what's in it! So what cute makeup case do you guys put into your first?

    If I can't find a bag at Saks/Nordstroms then back to NM for me with a check! :lol:
  2. Just an FYI the only Nordstrom that sells Bbags is Sacramento. I use my Balenciaga coin purse as a makeup bag. It's a lot roomier then it looks. I also love the LV Wapity. Congrats on your first bbag purchase! I'm sure it will not be your last.
  3. yeah, and please tell us which b-bag you ended with :wlae:
  4. have fun bag shopping! i use a lv wapity for a makeup case for all my b-bags.
  5. since i only carry a compact mirror and a lipgloss, i just put those in the little front pocket~save $$$ for next bbag~!!!
  6. Go for a wapity if you don't carry that much. However, I use a pochette in my first with no problems.
  7. Another vote for wapity here too... or Balenciaga coin purse :yes: I have both, love both, use both ;)
  8. thanks for this post....i have been wondering the same thing!!!!
    let us know what you do please!
  9. I use a small Bottega case for my cosmetic items when I carry my Classique. I think if you are going for an all-Balenciaga look, the mini coin purse is cute.
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