makeup case question

  1. hi there. i want a new makeup case. i don't want any more monogram. i really want damier or something else. here are the choices:

    trousse makeup case
    poche cosmetique
    wapity in mc. i kind of don't like mc but the wapity was pretty.

    i don't wear makeup but i take it everywhere. generally i carry a lot- huge foundation etc but i suppose i could narrow it down.

    i'm not a small girl so i doubt i would be using any of these as a going out bag but i guess you never know. wait,no, i know. so that's not a big concern to me.

  2. trousse makeup case... this one is so cute! you can use it as a hand bag for the evening...
  3. :yes::yes::yes:I love mine..
  4. You don't wear makeup, but you take it everywhere?

    Is it like a just in case you're ever caught in a random photo shoot? Do you NEVER wear makeup or is it a rare thing?
  5. :confused1: I also was confused. Why do you need a makeup case for your purse if you don't wear makeup?