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  1. Do you think the quality of a makeup brush matters,or really affects the way the makeup is applied??
    Do you think any brush will do?
  2. the quality of a make-up brush depends on the type of hair its made from (squirrel, fox synthetic or whatever). it does affect the way make-up is applied, and only insist on the best make-up brushes. i recommend shu uemura, MAC and Bobbi Brown
  3. I can't live with out my mac brushes. :smile:
  4. I have a few Bobbi Brown's, the bristles are so soft.
  5. Say the bobbi brown are gorg.. There products are fab.
  6. I have a few Chanel brushes and a shiseido brush :smile:...but i never use them ;op cause i don't wear makeup. They're supposed to help the pigment go on more smoothly though.
  7. Good make up brushes make a big difference. I have a huge Chanel brush I have had for years that has just been amazing. I really like the quality and durability of Bobbi Brown brushes too.
  8. Definitely makes a difference. I have a couple Chanel brushes, they are sable.

    I got a Bare Esscentuals brush last week that I will be returning because it sheds like a cat in springtime.
  9. It does matter because I have had the experience before. When I was 1st into makeup I bought a ~$5 powder brush and it was very difficult to apply powder evenly and with another ~$5 eye shadow brush, it felt like running the wall-painting brush over cement (am I going too far, LOL)!

    I like Skin Colour de La Mer foundation and powder brush especially the powder since it has 2 steps so I get more control out of it and it's not that expensive anyway (~$60 only very little more than MAC brushes).
  10. I just bought a travel LM kit.
  11. I have the full set of Bobbi Brown brushes...bought four or five years ago...still look brand new. Makes a huge difference, IMO.
  12. Having the right tools help so much, so yes, I think brushes make such a difference. I like my Chanel brushes the best, followed by MAC.
  13. I just ordered La Mer powder and brush from Neiman Marcus and I can't wait to try it! I'm supposed to get it early next week.

    Douglas Parfumerie (they have a couple stores in CT and lots in Europe) used to have a great line of brushes. I have one of theirs from many years ago and it's still in great condition after almost daily usage. I recall them being a little less expensive than the Chanel brushes I have which are also great. I have tried cheap brushes (but still with natural bristles) in the past and have never been happy.
  14. I am a former makeup artist with over 20 years of experience in the field. The Paul Sebastian brushes I purchased in 1985 are still going strong. Sable bristles. They cost quite a bit back then but they were well worth it, and yes the quality of the brush does effect the application.:graucho:
  15. Love my Shu Uemura brushes - I have 5 of them (don't wear a ton of makeup), and they're fabulous! I got my mother some Trish McEvoy, and I believe she's happy with those as well.
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