Makeup Brushes !!

  1. I don't care too much for eyebrushes--as I do not wear eyeshadows. I just buy cheap brushes for eyeliner and eyebrows (Sephora, ELF, Target). But I splurge on face brushes. I'm very very picky on softness. And most face brushes are too course for me. Too Faced works. I also use a professional acrylic duster brush on my face because of the softness!
  2. still liking hakuhodo after seeing sonia kushak's makeup brushes..

    for me the extra few bucks is worth it over a long period of time...
  3. I use Clinique's foundation brush because I like the clear handle.
  4. Does anyone have the great big Nars face brush? I saw it today, it looks awesome.
  5. I love my Hakuhodo, Hourglass and Rae Morris. I have so many and really like the quality on these 3.
  6. I bought my foundation brush from Bobbi Brown. Another travel size from Lancome.

    For eye brushes, I mostly bought from Mac.
  7. For foundation brushes, i mix it up between Chanel and Trish.. depending on the foundation.

    For liquid eye shadow Laura Mercier has a great brush . I also love to use Bobbi Brown's gel eyeliner soemtimes and when i do , i use their gel eyeliner brush -- which really is amazing..

    For every other brush i am 1000% loyal to Trish Mcevoy. I clean my brushes often and hers have lasted me years and years. However, i do find myself having multiples of the same brushes because of just how amazing her brushes are. The allow the perfect amount of pigment onto the skin and are the softest brushes out there -- and believe me i have tried most if not all. I am what you would call a product junkie so i feel as if i have done enough "research"
  8. Hi looking for some good brushes for basics like applying eyeshadow , eyeliner,blush, bronzer, contouring,and also for my Laura mercier powder. Don't know so confused there's so many to chose from like Sedona lace , sigma , Mac, real techniques, bobbie brown. Please if someone can be there opinion of brushes they like ! Thank you :smile:)
  9. Real Techniques has good brushes for everything you need.
  10. I have a lot of Bobbi brown brushes..

    A few Mac ones :smile:

    My Nars smudge brush is my favorite for eyeliner!
  11. I recently got some bdellium brushes and absolutely love them...probably more than some of my MAC ones.
  12. Trish does have great makeup brushes...going to have another look at them

    I could use some fill ins
  13. I have brushes from almost every brand. I think good brushes are an investment that you will have for years. Recently I acquired a Tom Ford cheek brush. It was a splurge, but my blush application is effortless and flawless with this brush.
  14. i bought the MAC 182 and the MAC 150 and the Lise Watier Foundation Brush in the last week. I am on a polish buying ban until secret easter bunny exchange is done and i have been on a brush binge lately......
  15. I have so many brushes! ^^'

    The bestest :p for me are Real Techniques, Zoeva and Ecotools! And 217 from MAC is my HG