Makeup Brushes !!

  1. Do you spend a lot of money on your makeup brushes ?

    I tend to, for me its a good investment, I like Mac brushes and sponges.

    How about you ?
  2. I don't because I'm not a big makeup person. I do a little shadow, eyeline, mascara, and lipgloss. To spend alot on a brush would be wasteful to me.
  3. I'm starting to collect makeup brushes and I consider them to be a good investment for proper makeup application. I like MAC, Trish McEvoy, and Shu Uemura brushes.
  4. I do. I've got several Bobbi Brown brushes. Love the kabuki!
  5. I have brushes from Bobbi Brown & have had them for years. If you take care of them properly they can last forever.
  6. I've started my brush set with Chanel, but don't like them for they are too rough/coarse and hurt my sensitive cheeks..

    I love the soft Versace brushes especially the blush brush... but I can't find their cosmetics line anymore.

    For foundation brush... which I recently found out is a MUST for very even and sheer application, I bought the Girgio Armani's foundation brush and I LOVE it.
  7. I think good makeup brushes are an investment that payoff in the long run. Right now I have synthetic brushes from Becca for creamy products--the products don't "stick" to the synthetic fibers the way they do to natural fibers. Then I've got a great Trish McEvoy powder brush. The Kabuki brush from Chanel is the best too!
  8. I have invested in some nice brushes, but I have had them forever. I like Mac, but love Smashbox brushes.
  9. I have Mac and Versace brushes..

    Brushes are the key to great makeup application :smile:
  10. i conccur! mine are from bobbi brown and mac and they hold now since ages
  11. D&G Rockstar~
    Do you know anywhere that sells Versace cosmetics/brushes now adays?
    The NYC store?

    I adore versace colors and brushes!!! Can't seem to find them anywhere around me
  12. How do you guys take care of your brushes? Do you just clean with water and soap? hehe.
  13. I have Smashbox, Paula Dorf, Mac and Nars brushes. I use a gentle shampoo to clean them.
  14. i have sephora and mac brushes..should clean them more often than i do
  15. i think makeup brushes are an important investment, even if you don't wear much makeup. i bought my first expensive brush about six years ago (stila #8 powder brush...sooooo soft!) and it feels brand new. it's like anything else, once you go expensive you can't go back.