Makeup Brush Care

  1. Stupid question...but I've never owned a makeup brush in my life...and just bought 3 from Sephora. Anything special I need to do to them?
    2 are for foundation and one is for powder.

  2. i am very anal when it comes to my brushes. i wash them with baby shampoo every other day. :biggrin: sephora has good brushes btw. i just bought a concealer and all over eyeshadow brush when they had a 50% off sale last week.
  3. I use baby shampoo as well....but I only clean them once a week.... :yes:
  4. shampoo it is! Fortunately I have a bottle laying around from when I used to give my kitties bathes.
  5. yep, baby shampoo for me as well and so much cheaper than brush cleaner. Works just the same.
  6. So, do you condition your brushes after shampooing? I bought a set of Bobbi Brown mini brushes, haven't used them yet. Anyone is using it? I've several sets from BE and so I've back up when I'm too lazy to wash them.
  7. I haven't tried conditioning the brushes after I wash them with mild baby shampoo. I have a mix of chanel and stila brushes and both brands last for years with good care. I wash the brushes about once every 3-4 days.
  8. I have the set of BB brushes and I just use a small drop of hand soap but mostly running water. I just let them dry over the edge of the sink.
  9. I actually use a face wash on my brushes. I have oily skin, so I feel like I have to take the oil out of the brushes. I wash them once a week.
  10. You don't have to wash your brushes in shampoo every few days - once or twice a month is enough. But I do have this spray cleaner stuff that I use every day to clean my brushes so that I don't have colour transfer and stuff like that. Clinique makes one and right now I'm using one called Japonesque but plain rubbing alcohol in a squeeze bottle works just as well. Also, after you wash/clean them, lay them flat until they dry, then store them upright in a cup.
  11. I wash mine once a week with MAC Brush Cleanser. I would not wash every other day, too much wear and tear on them.
  12. Any mild soap or shampoo every other week should be fine for natural or synthetic brushes.
    Just as important is keeping your makeup clean, fresh and free from bacteria. Toss out any makeup that is a year old!!
  13. baby shampoo for foundation, power, and eyeshadow brushes
    i actually use Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2 (it's a toner with alcohol in it) for my Stila eye liner's the only thing that helps clean off all the leftover pigment from my smudge pots!
  14. Any mild cleanser should do really. If it's good for your skin, it should be good for your brushes as well ;) I put warm water and cleanser into some sort of cup or a glass and make circles with the brush in it until all the stuff gets of it. Then I lay them on a towel until they're dry. I don't think it's necessary to wash them more than once or twice a month.