Makeup - Before and After (Pics): Are you brave enough? ;)

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  1. Hey guys I recently purchased a great makeup book called 'Makeup Your Mind' by legendary makeup artist Francois Nars (founder of Nars products).

    Inspired by his visual layout of 'emotionless' before and after shots in his book (to show the cause and effect of each makeup product without the distraction of fancy hairstyles, clothes, jewellery and facial expressions), I decided I would give it a go myself!

    I would love to see others do the same!

    For me, this taught me more then any book could. Just flicking your eyes back and forth between the two shots teaches you so much about makeup!

    Heres my before and after shots
    (Like i said, they have to be expressionless!! LOL - so please excuse me if I look a little tired/bored!)

    Are you brave enough to have a go and post your pics?





    Feel free to leave any feedback on my makeup! (negative or postive) Constructive criticism is how one can learn and improve! :yes:
  2. I am WAY too modest to post pics, but damn... let's just say there's a BIG difference!! Especially lately with some mild breakouts/chemical peels, even a little foundation makes ALL the difference!
  3. WOW! your makeup really makes the color of your eyes really stand out!
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