Makeup Bag and/or Zip Pouch for Bags??

  1. Does anyone know whether or not MJ makes some kind of makeup/cosmetic bag and/or some kind of zipped pouch for carrying odds-n-ends in your bag?

    I bought a Silvana bag at Nordstroms sale as well as the matching Zipped Clutch - the problem is that there are no pockets inside the Silvana (other than the one slip pocket where the inner zipper pocket used to be).

    I already put my cell phone inside the slip pocket as well as one other item, so there's no more room for anything else in there. Since I have some smaller items that I like to carry (nail clippers, tweezers, small compact, etc) - I'd like to find some kind of small pouch to use inside the bag. I know that I can probably find one by some other deisgner, but I'd really like to have something MJ to go with the bag & ZC.

    Any suggestions??
  2. the first one is kinda cute - just wish it came in different colors.
    the secone one is much too large - that looks more like a travel case.

    I looked on eBay & didn't find ANYthing! I know he used to make them. I just can't seem to find them anywhere
  3. There are definitely MJ cosmetic pouches. Usually he makes them for his specialty lines, like the Sweet Punk and the Bal Harbour. I don't recall if he makes one specifically for soft calf. In this season's resort there are patchwork cosmetic pouches available.
  4. isn't this the cosmetics pouch mj used to make for the solf calf line?


    i don't see it available anywhere outside of eBay anymore. i'm assuming it's a discontinued style. i remember seeing mix quilted cosmetics pouches in grey, black, and ivory at the boutiques, but they aren't there now. i would try contacting an sa at a boutique and see what they can come up with. perhaps they can take some pictures of the different styles they have and email them to you? i can't seem to find anything online except for the mbmj cases that were just released.
  5. they have this one @ bloomies in ivory & black:

  6. ^^^ yes, i've seen that one at Saks as well.
  7. Wow that one at bloomingdales is really cute. Anyone know what it's lined with? (Am hoping it's plastic for makeup but I doubt it with MJ...LOL)
  8. This is verry cute!!:tup:
  9. That is very cute & it would go great w/my bag, but it's a little pricier than I'd like

    Does anyone know if they're on sale anywhere?

    Othewise, my SA from Nordies called me this morning to tell me that they got these little pouches in today from the MbyMJ line - they're made of canvas & are quilted w/MJ's name all over them. The smaller one is about $54, the larger one is $74 - I have to see if I can find a pic of it, otherwise I'll stop by there this weekend.
  10. the mj bags are so darn expensive. i refuse to spend good $$ on a makeup pouch that is bound to get a bit dirty. god knows how many times the cap has come off a lipstick or lipliner. i would suggest a mbymj bag.
  11. i'm pretty sure the collection case is canvas lined.
  12. you can find some nice ones on ebay for cheaper than you think.....they usually get bid up to about 100$, not bad at all if you ask me.....good luck!
  13. ^^ as soon as I said that i went to ebay and looked, there are several on there for around 100-130$ and yes the collection pouckes are lined in a fabric....which means it may get dirty...good news is at least your bag won't, i have a coach wristlet i use as a makeup bag, ppl look at me like i'm a freak especially since coach is the "height of luxury" around here (lansing, michigan)