Makeup artists

  1. Where can I get my makeup done at 9 930 am in NYC on a Saturday. I couldnt find a makeup artist. Does anyone have any recommendations. THIS SAT SEP 2?
  2. Keri Berman: "A true master, Berman gives private lessons on makeup application and technique in the comfort of your home.She teaches everything from color choices for day and night to proper brush strokes for contouring and highlighting. She also brings along custom-blended cosmetics (like lipgloss and foundation) that you can purchase directly from her."
    Keri Berman (917-566-6426 or

    Maureen Pedala: Maureen_Pedala_January_2007
    I found her to be highly recommended on
    I think you can check out the bride's makeup at The Knot Message Boards
  3. Maybe PM Pradas Meadow. . . she may have a good lead{?}
  4. What about at a MAC counter, they usually open at 9:30 AM?
  5. My associates are still in L.A ( they were there for the Emmys) a couple of them are from Manhattan (A )i will find out if theyre going to be back in time,( B) Have time. If so i will PM you the info.

    Good luck :heart:
  6. Thank you soo much!