Makeup artist questions??

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  1. I have been doing make-up on the side for many years but have never gone through the classes to become a professional or to recive a license. What do I do to become a professional? How do you enroll in mac pro?? And what are the best classes to take? TIA
  2. well what state do you live in? Not all states require a license. Im in Maryland and we require one and I start my classes in june. It all depends really. you can call around to beauty schools and see if they have makeup only courses but if youre freelance just build your portfolio. MAC Pro has their membership requirements on their site. the most used forms are usually a business card and letters if rec from former clients along with a contract for an upcoming client. Just go on the site :yes:
  3. andicandi thank you I live in VA what school are you attending??
  4. I wish I could help but I did my training here in Hong Kong. I know there are international exams you can take...I never bothered but I heard they're quite easy. Tedious (because you need to record EVERY SINGLE STEP), but easy. Good luck!