Makeup artist discounts

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  1. a friend was who is a make up artist was wondering if there is any other discounts like MACPRO that she can apply to.

  2. Make Up Forever.
  3. yup, mac pro provides discounts

    she has to register as a professional makeup artist and then they'll send her a discount card... there's an enrollment fee but i'm not sure how much it is. i'm sure it's written on the website but i'm too lazy to read it! :P
  4. the mac pro fee is $35 yearly.

    I think smash box offers discount too.
  5. In Hong Kong there isn't an enrollment fee but you need to give them originals of your portfolio to qualify.
  6. In Singapore, I think you can get such discounts at Cosmoprof, but that is more for stage type of makeup.
  7. I don't know how it is for MAC particularly, but my aunt used to own a salon and she'd get a discount at some chain beauty shop (similar to Sally's). She did have to register as a salon owner, though.
  8. Best bet is to email individual companies and ask 1) if they have such a thing and 2) how to take advantage of it. I know a few lines off the top of my head, but I don't know the requirements for their programs.
  9. for MAC its:
    40% for Makeup artists working in the field (need 2 proofs: Business card and letter)
    30% for hair stylists (you need to show your hair styling license)
    20% for makeup students (you will need a letter from your school)

    For MakeupForEver its 20% for all people working in the industry (I think)

    Beauty stores in your area usually give 20% discounts as well.
  10. I have MAC Pro and MUFE. MUFE is 35%.

    Nars, Stila, Smashbox and a few other companies offer discounts, but they have stricter criteria (must belong to a union or agency or able to provide a tear sheet) and you can only receive the discount if you order over the phone directly from them.

    You can find more info here:
  11. I believe you can apply for your card from Macrpro online and they send you your membership card, but if you go to the stores and forget it they'll take your beauty liscence. My friend is a pro and I go with her to the macpro store and they have some great stuff they dont offer to "non pro's"