Maker Of Tainted Dog Food To Pay $3.1M

  1. GOOD!!! It's about time they started feeling financial pain for the crap they put in pet food. I read that many of the grocery store pet foods actually have euthanized dogs, cats and other animals in them. They discovered this because the animals that were euthanized were becoming immune to the drug that they use to put them to sleep. They tested the pet foods and found it in them, tsk tsk. Shame on them, now they pay the price. Too bad the poor pets paid a much greater price, their lives.:crybaby:
  2. I am glad they have to pay.

    Powderpuff, I never heard that before! Dog and cat carcasses in pet food! That's so disturbing! What brands did that???
  3. Supposedly, since Mad Cow disease, that practice has stopped.

    From what I heard on the news, the animal owners are only going to be compensated $1,000 per lost pet, plus an additional $1,000 for vet bills.
  4. they need to pay much more than that, what's 1k for a lost family member and 1k for vet bills that's just not cutting it.