1. I ditched my dreary 4 door sedan for the hot little red number in my avatar last Friday. So this Friday it was time to makeover ME too! After my back surgery, my hair started falling out, thinning and generally fell into bad condition. I went to my stylist today and said "Do what you have to!" The "before" pic was actually last fall, way before the surgery. I didn't let anyone snap me with my scraggly hair.

    So, how'd the stylist do? Be nice: I don't have any makeup (except lipstick) in the "after" picture. WOW, I honestly didn't REALIZE how thin my hair had gotten until I posted this thread and saw the long hair version of me. :wtf:
    Long.jpg shOrt.jpg
  2. You look great!!! I love the color of your hair! :yes:
  3. I agree! That is a beautiful style for you and your hair. Your hairdresser did a great job!
  4. Hot lady to go with the hot car!!! :smile:
  5. I think the slightly shorter style makes you look younger--more flattering. You'd never know from the new pic that your hair is thinner. she did a great job, but she had great material to work with!!:cutesy:
  6. You look beautiful! Congrats!

    And the car... I really like that Honda. How do you like it?
  7. I love your hair shorter! It looks fun and the curls and waves are perfect!
  8. You looked great before, but sometimes a girl just needs a good makeover, and that is what you got...a very good makeover! I love it and think you are definitely hot enough for your car. :smile:
  9. Love your hair! It's such a pretty clor, and it has such a nice curl to it!
  10. Don't worry about the hair loss. It happens quite often after a traumatic event like surgery. The anesthesia does a horrible number on your hair, too. But rest assured, it will come back in! Probably all at the same time so in about 6 months don't be surprised if you have a "halo" of new hair all around!

    It looks great, though! I expected to see a pic of a lady with 4 hairs that all looked like a cat had been chewing on them!! haha Looks nice and if that's your nautural curl..........YOU LUCKY DUCK! I wish I had nice naturally curly hair. Most who have it hate it and those of us who didn't get it, all want it!
  11. Love the hair! You look great! :yes:
  12. You look fabulous!

    You and I could be Hair Sisters.

    I have VERY thin wavy hair. Always have. I have discovered that my hair curls/waves best when it is at shoulder length like your new do. But I need to have the crown and upper-back layered to get curls.

    Getting a great haircut is all about letting the hair be long enough to give a luxurious look but not allowing the fine hairs (especially on the crown) to be so long that the weight of the hair pulls the curls straight.

    I say
    Stay with your New Look. Perfect for you. Never skimp on a haircutter who will not give you the haircut you posted today.

    You have the hairstyle, now go dress up and go out on the town! You have the looks to pull it off!
  13. I think your new color is better skin look happier too!
  14. Elaine, you look fab. Honestly, I thought you looked great when I saw you in January.

    Love the little red number too. It's fun to get makeovers. I think we need to keep re-inventing ourselves.

  15. You look great! Your hair is such a pretty unique copper color!