Makeover Time!

  1. Hey guys! Lately I've been feeling a bit down. I feel like I am not as attractive as my friends due to the fact that I try to wear as little makeup as possible. Basically, I just do eyelash curl, mascara, blush and some gloss. I was wondering if there's any ideas on what I might add to look.. well.. prettier? I'm including a picture of what I usually look like, and you're welcome to add/subtract anything you want. You can also extend into hair colour, style etc. In fact, I beg you to do so! That's my natural hair colour, and it's down to a bit past my shoulders. Been flat ironed in the pic, I have a natural curl.

    Any suggestions will surely be welcomed. And please speak your minds. I promise I will not take offense for any comments. Thanks!
  2. i think you look beautiful as is and shoudln't change a thing :yes:

    but if you want to glam it up for an evening look just to make yourself feel extra special, i'd smudge a little black eyeliner under and above your eyes and experiment with eyeshadows....IMO eyeshadow makes a huge difference :graucho:

    and for something fun a really bright shade of blush-you're young so you can pull it off!

    as for the hair, it looks like you have gorgeous healthy hair--i think it's lovely it's natural color, but i always love to change it up for the summer--i think you'd look good with a red/auburn tinge to ur hair and a sidesweapt bang u know the kind that kinda hangs over ur forehead
  3. You are so pretty!

    But I know what ya mean about wanting a fresh look...sometimes I feel the same way.

    What about going to your local Nordstroms and getting a makeup application? I love doing that because I always end up getting new ideas! :smile:
  4. I agree with everyone, you don't need anything more! The eyeliner for an evening out sounds good and more mascara, but I think your look is great and natural.

    Do they have a Nordstrom in Monterrey? I went to high school there and I remember my girlfriends and I used to skip school to go to 'Liverpool' which is like a Nordstrom...well, back then!
  5. you look good girl my everyday look is lip gloss everyone looks nice in some gloss and mascara tha is my everyday look and mabe bare minerals mineral veil and some warmth all over face color on your eye lids
  6. I think you're really pretty, but I understand that feeling when you're just feeling kind of ... plain! Here's what I like to do and some tips that you might like too!

    Go to a salon or nail place and have them shape your eyebrows. Whenever I feel plain or gross I do this... it's honestly like instant glamor! It lifts your whole face.

    Also since it's summer, try a little bronzer. Some subtle black eyeliner will really bring out your eyes. Also maybe some great mascara, like Clinique's Natural Glossy or High Definition are my favorites. And try a more nude lip gloss, that looks amazing on everyone!
  7. i agree with posters above...go to Nordstroms and get a makeover! then you can see what you like/dislike...

    i too would recommend getting your eyebrows shaped--maybe at a threading place which costs only $5. some eyeliner, and mascara that really thickens and lengthens and then curl them. and then for hair, i say get layers! you don't need to dye your hair (i've never)..get face framing layers, maybe some light bangs.
  8. i think u should test out bobbi brown's violet face palette if it's still available anywhere near you....i have a friend who has similar coloring to you, and it's gorgeous on her-not to overdone but it just makes her face glow :p
  9. Your quite a classic beauty. I wouldn't suggest much. Eyebrow shaping and a more muted red shade on your lips. Everything else is fantastic! Keep your face as it is, you don't need makeup!
  10. You are beautiful the way you are!
    If you want a little pick me up for the summer I would get a pretty blush and lipstick.
  11. you're beautiful, and dont ever compare yourself to your friends, they probably have the same insecurities!

    i agree with those that have suggested an eyebrow shape at a salon, it will work wonders! i wouldnt try anything too dramatic, but experiment with different make-up and see what suits you best.
  12. Thank you all for kind words and suggestions!!

    I've too been thinking about the eyebrow shaping but felt a bit shy to try it (the old "what if I don't like it"). I suppose it's time to do it now! I mean, they'll grow back if anything happens. I can't change my look if I don't try! Time to pull out my eyeliners as well! Is the smudgy look OK for the day? Nothing too dramatic, just a bit of a smudge?

    gr8heart: Yup, we still have Liverpool (local version of Nordstrom). Is it OK if I get a makeover, but end up buying just *some* of the products? That's my biggest fear, that maybe I won't be able to afford everything they use on me!

    Thank you all again so much! I'll be taking it all into consideration and see what I can come up with. I'm actually kinda relieved that no one suggested I put on lots and lots of stuff LOL never been my style. I like to keep it natural and your ideas suit me perfectly. Thanks again!
  13. As everybody said, you're really pretty! However if you must do something, I'd define your eyebrows and maybe fill them in with a bit of dark brown shadow, and add a bit of auburn highlights (very subtle, not too caramel-y) to your hair. And maybe try some light colored tops instead of black?
  14. Update: I'm getting eyebrow shaping next week! I'll be sure to show you how it turns out. Thanks again!
  15. Can't wait to see pics!