Makeover !! style/cut suggestions for long hair ??!!

  1. Hello !! Need of a change !! I have let my hair grow so much now they are in the middle back, with a few shorters layers on the side, and an old fringe growing back....Here is a photo taken 3 months ago (I had curled a few bits, they are straight naturally)
    I love long hair, from all the styles I had I feel it´s more me, and I feel prettier !
    BUT I am not doing anything with it and it´s grown to just "boring". They quite thin too (I have considered extensions).
    I am now single and need to get back out there !:sweatdrop: (so, "pretty and guy friendly" is important here)
    It´s bothering me bc I have a cool personality when you know me, but the first impression people get of me is "distant and shy (almost cold ?)"....let´s also say I tend to wear black from head to toe (see my post "stuck in the 90´s") which I am gonna change.
    So, being a bit of a Charlotte (from SATC) with a creative twist, that´s my dilemna....
    Stick with "classic Charlotte" or go towards "Designer me" ??
    Thanks !:heart:
  2. color it
  3. What about bangs?
  4. color : which color ?
    I had bangs last year and yes that could be good, like "soft" ones
  5. touch of honey brown. your hair stylist shold recommend what would look good for you.

    and I dont mean the whole head. like soft highlights
  6. It's gorgeous as it I like it the way it is...I'm of no help!
  7. i have long hair too, that i am finding boring. a major problem i have tho, is everytime i cut it or do something to it, i end up not liking it! i would suggest come color too, maybe highlights/lowlights. bangs are also always fun, maybe get more of a razor edge?
  8. Curls?!

  9. i could've posted the same thing :biggrin: I love my long hair but it gets boring sometimes. I know not to cut it too short because I've done it in the past and didn't like it at all.

    To the OP, just ask for a trim. Your hair will look alot healthier. Mine gets frazzled ends after awhile but after a trim and defining the layers, you'll look :tup: Or maybe dye your hair two shades lighter with soft highlights :smile:
  10. Some edgier bangs and sharp layers around your quite lovely cheekbones? Both are easily fixed into being Charlotte-y lest you decide it's not you.
  11. It's beautiful the way it is, but I understand wanting a change. How about go for a style like your avatar picture?
  12. what about a digital perm? im sorta in the same situation as you, i, on the other hand tho, desperately need a major makeover hehehehhee. so this is what im seriously considering.
  13. I think your hair looks lovely the way it is, but I get bored of everything quickly as well. I don't know what kind of styles you mean by "designer me"- but that sounds way more interesting than "classic Charlotte" :p. Good luck!!
  14. I agree :yes:
  15. ^^ So do I! It looks bouncy, long, healthy and shiny all of which appeals to men and is also classic and timeless!