Makeover my hair! (please!)

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  1. This is me, 5 minutes ago...

    I've had bleached blonde hair, brown hair, red hair and black hair.
    Red was what I usually had, but I was bored with that, so I dyed it to a dark brown, seen here...

    That faded into the weird red-brown I have now.
    I've also been growing my hair out, and I really want it to stay long, or at least long-ish. I'm growing it out from the short cut i had forever, seen here...

    Okay, to my plea for help- I need a change! What color should I go with now? I've been thinking lots of blonde highlights, for a fun, spring-y look. (I'm soo ready for warm weather!) Or should I just go for a haircut, or dye it back dark brown, or, or... I don't know!

    Give me your advice, preferably with pictures! Thank you in advance!!
  2. in the first picture, your ends look like you need a trim but if you're growing it out, i can understand that you wouldn't want to like get it cut a lot. (I'm in the same boat. growing it out, but my ends are split.) So just get a tiny tiny trim but keep your length. :smile:

    i like brown shades on you, but for spring/summer i think you should play around with some subtle lighter toned highlights.
  3. Thanks for responding! I have been trying to reconcile myself to the fact that I need a big trim.

    Anyone have any haircut ideas for me? I am so hopeless when it comes to what looks good for face-shapes and such.
  4. most definitely get a trim to start your transformation out.. then maybe go darker and use something to add volume :smile: have you ever had side bangs? i wonder how that would look.. try one of those "make over" websites on yourself and fiddle around with it! hehe
  5. I agree, if you trim ends every 6 wks you avoid split ends going all the way up the hair shaft. I would keep your long layers and get them trimmed to add more volume. I like the side part, side bangs would look nice but if you don't want a big change, just trim the ends.
    A few shades darker with some natural highlights would look really nice too.
  6. I love the cut from the first pic and the color from the second pic. It just looks like you need a little trim. If you tell the stylist you're looking to keep your length, you'd be surprised how little they can cut off and still have it look great :yes:
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