Make your own leather purse?

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  1. Has anyone done this? I kinda want to try it, like take a sewing class this summer or something.
    I wonder if it's expensive to make a leather purse? I don't really want to make any flower-patterned totes like the ones you see at craft stores...
  2. i've thought about it too! i like to sew...but i'm not sure how well i could sew leather. i might start with a cute canvas tote and work my way up
  3. that's so cute! thanks for the link! it's snowing here and it's supposed to get pretty heavy...if i have a snow day monday i might just have to make myself a tote with the extra time :biggrin:
  4. My Grandfather made my mom and aunts purses when I was a little girl. Very cool for their day. Lots of hand tooled designs over the entire bag and the center mediallin, my Grandma painted a picture of one of his horses on it. (this horse, Champ, was the horse in the movie, Kacy's Shadow. Back in the 70's I've actually never seen the movie, but I did ride the horse a few times.)
  5. That sounds so awesome! I love old-world, hand-made stuff. The quality and vibe is so different...
    Do your Mom and Aunts still have their purses?

    * On a related note, I almost bought a Bedazzler last night. I couldn't sleep and was watching infomercials, and it turns out that after a certain hour, you look at stuff like that and go "dude... metallic studs on my curtains? that is the coolest thing I've ever seen".

    I must be stopped. Lol.
  6. She had it last time I knew of. she passed away a couple of years ago and my step dad turned into a completly different guy and just keeps coming up with excuses of why he won't give any of her stuff to me or just won't talk about it at all. I am the ONLY Daughter (my mom's and he has no children! Even the only girl of all of his sibbling kids (cousins) too, sooooo) Pretty sore subject with me as Mom had all of these things before she married him so he really shouldn't have say but hey posession is 9/10 right? I'd better stop before I get myself worked up!
  7. Oh, I'm so sorry Inky...

    My Mom and I are very close too (I'm an only child), and I can imagine how much sentimental value your Mom's stuff has for you. I think purses, jewelry and stuff like that should of course always go to daughters and granddaughters by default... I hope you will get her stuff back soon! And then you wil be able to post them for us all to admire :amuse: ;) ...
  8. Awww thanks! Next time I go visit, I'll ask agian, he's got to clean some of the stuff out sometime and it not like I'm gettin anything that anyone else wants or that is really worth anything or that he even bought her!
  9. HI, I know how you feel, my sister passed away about 1-1/2 years ago, and her 2nd husband, who she was having problems with anyway, didn't want to give anything to anyone., even her picitures., so I just took what i wanted, and he was never the wiser, shortly, about 3 mths. later he remarried and moved i don't feel bad about it at all...