Love MAC liquid eye liner and the paint peintures (it's like a base for the eye shadow)
Dior Show mascara
Bare Essenstial's eye shadow is REALLY long lasting and supposed all natural, but they're powder so it's a bit messy.

I love make ups!
foundation: Bare Essentuals
eye shadows & lips: Mac
Mascara and little tricks (concealer, making the eyes bugger, primer for cream shadow) Benefit
Blush: Chanel (great color and last forever)
I am a makeup whore. I have literally tried just about everything out there. I have to say CD Ultra-Mat is great powder makeup that seriously controls shine on your face all day long.

Laura Mercier makes some great shimmer blocs (love the pink mosaic) for a nice sheen/highlight w/o looking like a disco ball.

CD Show Mascara is fantastic as well as their l/g's and l/s's. Also, Chanel Aqualemieres are fabulous but if you can, wait til May and try out their new Allure lipsticks.

Laura Mercier also has their new Stickglosses in about 5 different shades. Their coverage and wear is a tad better than the Chanel AL's too! Guerlain's Kiss Kiss l/s's are great too and very moisturizing but a little steep at $26USD.

I have to say I'm partial to CD and Chanel. MAC is a good ol' standby but I get tired of their "in your face" colors sometimes and want something classy. That's why I always go back to CD and Chanel. They never let me down and they're so worth the $ IMHO.

Oh, Smashbox has great foundation primer too as well as MAC! I usually go w/ MAC e/s's or the Dior palettes (great coverage).

For l/l's, def go w/ Chanel. They're like buttah! Oh, sorry for being longwinded but Sheshiedo (sp?) is TDF too. They're often underrated but every MA I talk to, raves about them even though they don't work for them.
i find that the dior spray-on foundation is great for a long-lasting finish (although kinda expensive for the amount that you get)

for lighter coverage i absolute love guerlain's pressed powder foundation

in terms of glosses i think the chanel glossimers are awesome...they're long-lasting and come in beautiful colors

for mascara i love any dior mascara........
I love MAC's eyeliner in a jar, I think they call it Fluidline....
and Mary Kay's Mascara.

Everything else is about the same for me.

Laura Mercier, Lorac, Bobbi Brown all have fun shades and are pretty decent!

Make up is so much fun!! Have a blast!!
My best friend is a professional makeup artist - and she is the one who introduced me to NARS. wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than MAC and I was a very devout Mac user.

I also really like the mineral bare escsentuals kit. it's really affordable and way easy to apply plus it kinda gives you that 'airbrushed' finished look
I've never been able to get into MAC... StudioFix made me break out (and nothing ever has before), the eyeshadows are either way too shimmery or too pigmented, and the lipstick formula strikes me as dry. I used to like the Lipglasses but lately I can't handle the stickiness. The Paints (cream eyeshadows) aren't bad, however.

I like Stila for eyeshadow... really soft, finely-milled formula and beautiful colors. NARS is great for eyeshadow also, as well as blush. Bobbi Brown's "Concealor Kit" is awesome, but I don't buy it anymore because it's $45 and the powder always runs out before the concealor itself.

Chanel Glossimers are my favorite lipgloss. Not sticky but still has staying-power. Stila also makes great lipglosses.

For blush I use Benefit Benetint... love this stuff, a very pretty flush that looks like it's come up through your skin rather than just sitting on top of it.

Eyeliner and mascara for me is whatever was on sale at Rite-Aid this week! lol
For eyes, I recommend either Givenchy or By Terry (the second ones are really good). There also used to be the Molton Brown lines (available online) but they discontinued it, so they're getting increasingly harder to find.

For lips, Chanel glosses are fantastic. My new favourite lipstick is Stila's Natalie, it looks so natural yet done up.

I don't use foundation or powder (the first is too heavy for me, the second is just a bother), but if I want a clean base, I'll put on by Terry's purple "base" (I can't remember the name).

Never really got into Mac, found their glosses to be fly-traps... Couldn't deal with my hair being stuck to my lips whenever the wind blows.
LOVE Dior show mascara...and some MAC powder foundation..

Although...the coolest purchase I made was not too long ago from Dior beauty:

It's called 'Dior Skin: Air Flash' and its sooo FAB. It's a 'spray-on' foundation...and its soo great for on-the-go ladies..You spray on, let it dry and youre ready to go!!

Its a little steep, price-wise but its soo worth it. Ive had mine now for about two months and I use when Im on the go and I LOVE it!
Use a little MAC studio foundation as under eye concealer but just use Neutrogena tinted moisturizer as foundation. Laura Mercier Just Lips and Bare Lips. Bobbi Brown charcoal eye shadow used as liner. Just got Nars Orgasm lip gloss.
I just love the Clinique long lasting foundation. It stays on all day without clocking the pores. I always use lancome Mascara flextencile and lipstick I change between Lancome, Dior Chanel. I just bought a YSL lipstick which is a bit glossy and transparent in a berry colour and this is just really great because it has a lovely taste! I always use Shiseido powder and eyebrow powder.
For foundation I use Bare Escentuals. Their stuff is really the best I've come across, it lasts all day. I don't think I'll ever use any other foundation again.

I love Nars & Cargo for blush.

I use a bunch of different eyeshadows, that's one area where I don't stick to one name. I just buy whatever colors I think are pretty. I think Stila and Nars eyeshadows stay on the longest though.

For lipsticks & lip glosses I love Chanel and Dior.