Make up schools for beginners?

  1. I'm looking for good make up schools for beginners. I know at least the basics on how to do make up on myself (thanks to many amazing people who make these youtube tutorials). But I want to formally know more and maybe make it a profession if I find myself good at it.

    Do you know any? Preferably in South Jersey/Philly area. Thanks!
  2. I once heard that there is no reason to get schooling in makeup. You really just learn it on your own or either go the cosmetology or esthetician route (which I'm doing) in beauty school. I'm very familiar with that region and the only "good" schooling for that I know of it JAM, Jean Madeline's makeup class.
  3. Thanks for the advice. I just thought maybe a formal schooling will help me enhance my skills if I do really have a talent in make up. Well, I don't know anything about make up before but I learned a lot just from watching youtube tutorials. ;)
  4. no problem! makeup classes can be expensive. I've also learned by YouTube :p
  5. I'm another "student" of YouTube tutorials. Not long ago I discovered Wayne Goss (gossmakeupartist) and I've learned so much from him that I feel like I ought to be paying him! If you watch enough YT and practice on yourself and all your friends/relatives, it seems like you've got enough education right there.
  6. ^ Wayne is awesome. You can't pay anyone enough to learn all that he knows. People I know of won't even tell you the basics you should know because "they feel that because they paid for their education, you should too." Crazy stuff but it happens. That's why I like's free. ;)
  7. I've done some research on this topic myself. I would like to be a freelance makeup artist in addition to having a full time job. There are a lot of online schools, which are not as looked highly upon as in person courses, but they are still very good and better than nothing. This is probably the cheapest, yet decent online program. They do send you certificates though, which you can show to people you are being interviewed by, that may help somewhat. (I now work at a makeup counter & proudly brought my certificate from here in.) I think it's three hundred something and you have the opportunity to get novice, master, & pro certificates. Hex has an excellent long distance learning program. I've heard excellent things about it and want to try it, but it is pricey. The long distance program is like around 1,700 without the makeup kit. QC Makeup Academy is also widely respected with a pretty big following. It's online, and has Master Makeup Artistry which is more money and Makeup Artistry which is around 1,500 the last time I checked. But don't quote me on that price, i'm not 100% sure. Lol :p JAM has an awesome in person program if you're in the Philadelphia area. Cosmix seems extremely good if you're in the Florida area.

    There are also a bunch of in person courses being offered in California, if you're by that area. Last Looks travels to different busy states and citys. They offer professional courses.

    And last but definitely not least Makeup Designory. They are probably one of the best makeup schools in the world. (It's only in person, just so you know.) It's probably one of the only makeup schools that is not just courses, it's actually like "school, school". (Sorry it's hard to explain.) You actually get a schedule (like 5 days a week) and most of the programs are at least six months, if not a year. It seems kind of competitive but I'm sure it would open a lot of doors. It's very pricey though. I think the Master program artistry program costs over 20,000 dollars though. So I'd only enroll if you are very, very, serious about this. It's in New York City, but there's also one in LA by the way. I ordered a pamphlet from this school.

    By the way, you can also take an esthetician program, that a lot of beauty schools will offer which is basically like skin care with some makeup. Or you can get a cosmetology license that kind of covers some makeup from Empire Beauty school or wherever. It will be well respected, since it covers some makeup. HTH :smile:
  8. Groupon and living social does deals on makeup lessons.
  9. I came across Wayne Goss in an Ipad app called 'BeautyLish' (you might want to check it out as well, it has several tutorial videos like YT and photos, product reviews, basically anything about beauty!). I was just surprised to see him doing make up on himself! Well, because I'm used too seeing make up tutorials done on women. He's very good though and his videos are very informative and his tutorials are easy to follow.

    I've always wanted to do my make up on my husband - who I'm still convincing as of now :p - as I don't have a lot of ladies around where I'm currently located.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
  10. mcb100 - Wow! Thank you so much for the very detailed information.
    I checked out each link you mentioned and I'm most interested on Robert Jones. It's great to know that they send certificates which is like a proof that I learned something..yay! and I see they have a monthly membership which is more convenient for me. I would definitely check out this more and hope to learn a lot!

    I really appreciate you posting all these info!
  11. Sassys - will check them out as well from time to time! Thank you :smile:
  12. Hey! I'm currently looking into Marinello Torrington CT for a cosmetology program myself and my advise to you would be to always do a thorough background check on the college you're looking to apply to. Look into their accreditation, the student services, career services, scholarship programs and externship programs, if any. There's a good chance for you to find a good beauty school if you keep these factors in mind while doing your research.
  13. just started learning makeup myself, but get super affordable cosmetics, eyelashes and nail polish at this website called they literally have everything you need to practice with all for $1 each!!
  14. Well you can get a certificate for makeup from certain beauty schools but there's no official liscence to be a professional or anything. I do freelance makeup on the side and took online courses with QC Makeup Academy and I know they give masters certificates to people who complete the program.
  15. Well I'm actually looking into the reviews of Marinello at Fresno
    but I do know that they have campus locations all across the country, so I'm sure you're bound to find something close to where you live. From what I've read, it's a great beauty school that offers a bunch of perks to its students such as externships, etc. Definitely worth looking into, right?