Make Up Purchases

  1. So whats everyone's latest purchase of cosmetics or make-up?

    Mine was last week. I went into Mac haven't been in there in ages went a bit wild:yes:

    Got Face and Body Foundation. Barbie Eyeshadow, and Carbon Eyeshadow, Shimmery Powder, Zoom Lash, two Lippys Hue and Angle. and my Fave blusher at the mo Dame. I think that's it:smile:
  2. Boring brushes! I bought the MAC 190 and 223 from the Raquel Welch collection. :sad: I wanted more but noooo, must be reserved
  3. Stila stuff... Black Smudge pot gel eyeliner, pointed eyeliner brush for the smudge pot, 3 eyeshadow pans (dark-blue, jade-green and gold) and a 6-eyeshadow case to put them all in!
  4. I bought:

    Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizing balm
    Trish McEnvoy Deep Clover and Arabian Nights eyeshadows
    Trish McEnvoy #6 brush

    I'm getting back into MAC (all because of a bunch of enablers like yourself), so I've got a list of items I want from MAC next week. Plus, I'd like to try that Shiseido Mascara base which I heard they were discontinuing. So I'll be spending quite a bit next week.
  5. MAC Blush in Honour (basically gold glitter ^^) and Liquid Lastliner in Inky
  6. Yesterday:
    I got MAC Skin Finish Fluid (foundation) and MAC Blot Powder, and a MAC eyelining pencil in Violet (doesn't look too violet). Then I went cheap and bought a Sephora eyeshadow brush... but it feels like rubbing my eyes with a donkey's tail so I might go back for a MAC one...
  7. The last thing I bought was yesterday online and it was by Too Faced and it was the Candy Lips lip pallette.
  8. I had a small haul at sephora last night online. It was all brushes (so not too exciting) except for a Stila smudgepot in grey. Looking forward to getting it!
  9. I just got my Avon order in yesterday. I can't justify expensive makeup to myself, and their products work for me. Plus they regularly have great sales and you can always find cheap or free shipping. I got another Mark Hook-Ups (well, two products = one whole stick), three lip balms, and a new eyeliner for a grand total of $18.07 shipped. :smile:
  10. Yesterday I went to NM and bought Guerlain Terracotta Light bronzing powder and Guerlain KissKiss lipstick in Terre D'Amour.
  11. Just received Chanel's Lumiere D'Artifices (haven't tried it yet though):

    Just ordered from Sephora:

    Laura Mercier - Metallic Creme Eye Colour

    Rose Gold


    Make Up For Ever - Star Powder
    902 Pearl Gold

    926 Iridescent Beige

    947 Iridescent Pale Peach

    955 Plum with Blue Highlights
  12. BECCA - Shimmering Skin Perfector SPF 20+

    BECCA - Pressed Shimmer Powder

    and not really "face" makeup, but it counts. ;)

    Urban Decay - Flavored Body Powder
  13. I'm so addicted to Estee Lauder's Blush all day in Mocha Rose that I bought 5 box of them! They don't have it in HK and have to order it straight from States! Hehe!
  14. Oops I meant studio fix fluid... dunno why I keep thinking "skin finish"?
  15. fun thread!
    I only bought a mac eye liner brush :smile: