Make Up on my Pants!

  1. Any stain removing tips here?? I somehow got a little cream foundation on my pants! Its just 2 small spots, but you can tell its there. They are Brown XOXO bermuda's that now look like that have 2 small bleach spots because of the color of the foundation :tdown:. The tag says 96% cotton 3% spandex, if that helps. Ive already washed them(threw them int he washer right away), Ive put "Tide To Go" on them, nothing is working:cursing:. Help??
  2. Eek, I think washing them wasn't the best because then the heat from the dryer will set it.
    Anyway I was going to suggest this gentle carpet cleaner called Folex. I always use it on my clothing stains and it takes them right out.
  3. I didnt dry them. I hung them up.
    Where can I get that cleaner at? I LOVE these pants, I dont know what Ill do if I cant get the stain out:crybaby:
  4. i'm a fan of shout (the concentrated formula). that gets out almost all stains i ever have... got spaghetti stains off of a white jacket once! not sure if it'll work after u washed the pants though.