Make up, Hair or Outfit?

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  1. On any given day given if you could only have one of the three (your hair, your make up or your outfit) styled or "done," which would you choose?

    For me it's make up. I could be wearing sweats with my hair in a messy ponytail and would feel much more put together than any other combination.

  2. I agree about makeup. I'm a college student- usually most people are in sweats on a day-to-day basis. No one seems to do much with their hair. Usually, I do hair, make-up, and then some cute PINK sweats/yoga pants, but I could give up the hair way more easily than the makeup!
  3. Makeup fo sho!
  4. I vote make-up too! I look haggard without it.
  5. Maleup! I often have no time to comb my hair before I leave the house anyway and it is nothing a hair rubber band cannot fix even on a bad hair day.

    As for clothes, well, if one looks good, one can get away wearing PJs and still look cute, IMHO.
  6. I'd vote for outfit. I go without makeup on the weekends, and my skin and coloring work well enough to pull it off. My hair is short so even if it isn't styled perfectly, it can still look reasonably neat or at least bedhead-ish. But if I'm wearing frumpy clothes I feel all-around awful!
  7. make up, totally. My hair is always about the same... long with sideswept bangs. Occasionally I'll put it up, but not too often. As for clothes, well, I have a "uniform" for the work-week, and a 'Uniform" for the weekend, so that pretty much takes the effort out of that.

    Without make-up, I look like death!
  8. have "done" as in professionally? i feel like for me thatd be hair. makeup and outfit i can handle on my own (and hair too) but it always comes out SO much nicer when done by a pro
  9. me too
  10. Definitely hair. If my hair looks bad, no matter how great my makeup or clothes, I feel like I look terrible.
  11. makeup! 10000000%!
  12. MAKE-UP! I can pull off any crazy hair or outfit, but my face can't handle the blemishes, so I got to go with make-up, 100%! :smile:
  13. Hair.
  14. Hair
  15. I say outfit. I can never have too many pieces of clothing. I can do some simple makeup and a quick ponytail, so for sure I'd love a nice outfit.