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  1. I didn't know they are actually MOVING to LA? Interesting!
  2. ^ I don't think I believe they are moving to LA. What would they need to move for? And I thought "Blair" was in Highschool... :shrugs:
  3. :lol::lol:
  4. I agree, post here if you wish to.

    It's also not Lorraine's company. Her Mom and Dad own a company called Exit Art, it's located about 15 minutes from where I live. It's a pricey store but they sell good brands.
  5. She's "home schooled" which is lame (I think), b/c you're missing out on Prom, Homecoming, an actual graduation. But that must not be important to those money hungry snobs :angel:
  6. Just reading this whole thread makes me want to delete my YT. I only just started and have no interest in being famous or anything of the sort but seeing some of the comments on here just goes to show that people are jealous.
    I work and go to school full time so for my making videos was something to do as a stress relief but this thread makes me question that.
    If you don't like them, why do you care so much about gossip surrounding them or continue to watch them? I have never understood people's obsession to bash others.
  7. ^It's gossip... If you aren't one of the ones being gossiped about, then there shouldn't be a problem. Just my opinion though...
  8. Well, you can't expect to put yourself out there and not have people talk about you - both the good and the bad. Just kinda goes with the territory, you know? So if you don't want people discussing you, then yeah, maybe you shouldn't do youtube videos.
  9. ^Nope I don't get gossiped about :smile:
    I'm not well known, I do my videos for me. I just am surprised by some of the comments about the "gurus" because I don't think anyone knows them personally. My friends say I'm the same on YT as I am in person and I don't plan on lying about things...who cares how old you are or your name, you can look up up that on my facebook!
  10. ^ As with anything in the entertainment industry (and yes... Youtube is part of the entertainment industry) ... when you put yourself out there, be prepared for there to be "haters," or EVEN just people who don't like you for no apparent reason at all! It's part of the business. If people can't handle it ... they've clearly made the wrong decision to start making videos.

    Alright... I'm going to step on my soapbox for a few minutes here! :hysteric:

    I am ALSO more than a little annoyed at the whole "Elle/Lisa" and "Blair/Elizabeth" controversy. REALLY? Why are people upset about them lying about their names? WHO CARES! The whole name thing is just a drop in the bucket. I go by PrettyInPink on this forum, but... that sure as HELL isn't my real name. I also go my Miss C---- at my workplace. My friends call me Lauren and my family calls me Lo. HOLY CRAP... I have 4 different names! :wtf: Maybe I'm a liar and maybe nothing I say is true?

    Seriously... the only thing I care about when it comes to these sisters is getting great makeup tips. Who CARES if they've made money in the process of doing something they love? I love to teach... and I make money doing it. Should I be tarred and feathered for that? I wish them NOTHING but success.
  11. ^ LOL!

    Yeah, you know, I really think the whole name issue would have been a NON issue, had they handled it better when it first became known that their names were not Elle and Blair. I don't go by my birth name either...I NEVER have, not even as a little girl. But I really think where they messed up was when they first got called out on it, instead of making a video or blog post or whatever, saying 'Okay, we didn't think this was an issue since so many people go by nicknames, but here's the deal...", they insisted that Elle and Blair were in fact their real names, and went so far as to start blocking people and stuff (and from what I've seen/heard they threatened a couple of people with a lawsuit or something?)

    Anyway, we do need to remember that these girls are I think the problem is that they didn't really know HOW to deal with it, so they just did the best they could at the time.
  12. We're not talking about you, so what does your thinking about deleting your Youtube have to do with anything.

    I'm sorry, if anyone in here is bashing or being obsessive, please speak up now!
    I was under the impression we were just chatting about factual things that are going on, but maybe I'm delusional.:graucho:
  13. i like michell phan's tutorials, it's just fun to watch, she does dramatic make-up sometimes, but i think it's ok, becuz after all there's just so much you can do about regular/wearable make up, it's just interesting to see how creative she can get with different themes. her voice is also very sweet and she is cute! and her video is pretty HQ.
  14. I personally really love the girls of pixiwoo, both are amazing girls and make-up artists. Best on youtube in my opinion. Their brother's girlfriend, pixi2woo is amazing as well. Also, glitterdolz7 is so lovely. All 4 girls seem to be very sweet and have great personalities.

    I used to like Kandee but I've been really turned off by her shadiness recently.
  15. Its probably based on one of her videos she said she had to be done with her highschooling by May because of some big new thing she is doing. Probably why she has not been making many videos lately, too busy getting her schooling done.