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  1. ^I've never watched Irene...I was just SHOCKED at the all over blue eyeshadow. Her makeup is not guruish (yes, I made that up :lol: )if you know what I mean.
  2. I understand how people think Irene is a biatch. I kinda think she is too lol.

    I unsubscibed to her, mainly because she goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on about products. I mean seriously how long can anyone talk about a smackers lipbalm for? And the products that she buys are really childish. :shrugs:
  3. I just spent WAY too much time reading that blog... :shame::shocked:
    The post about that guy that created FB profiles as girls...OMG!!!!!:sick:
  4. tomz_grl
    did u mean the blue shadow that the Stila makeup artist put on her? HOT MESS

    I never subbed but I sometimes don't like watching reviews like come on one time she spent like 2 minutes talking about the plastic on one of the Stila quads -_-. I kind of understand what you mean about the childish thing :smile:

    What about Fafinette and angeec03?(sp is wrong) anyone like them?
  5. sorrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    doule post
  6. OMG I saw that one too! Like seriosly, WHO DOES THAT? What a pervy creep that's so disturbing.

    Wait... I did that once to friend request an ex boyfriend:roflmfao:
  7. gu·ru (gr, g-r)
    n. pl. gu·rus
    1. Hinduism & Tibetan Buddhism A personal spiritual teacher.
    a. A teacher and guide in spiritual and philosophical matters.
    b. A trusted counselor and adviser; a mentor.
    a. A recognized leader in a field: the guru of high finance.
    b. An acknowledged and influential advocate, as of a movement or idea

    You know what bugs me about a lot of these 'guru's'? Calling yourself a 'guru' when all you do is haul videos and reviews. I'm sorry, but showing off the shiz you bought (or were sent) and giving your opinion of it does NOT a 'guru' make!
  8. LOL! Agreed!!! Though it's definitely a guilty pleasure of mine to watch people's haul videos...but I HATE when it's like a commercial.
  9. Lmao Christy! I agree!

    Which video does Irene have the hot eyeshadow in?
  10. Someone needs to send that pronunciation to Lisa aka "Elle". :biggrin:
  11. I like haul videos too. Most of the time, it's stuff I would NEVER buy, but they're fun to watch sometimes.
  12. Oh I like the hauls too! They are fun!

    Right on...along with how to pronounce "eSpecially", instead of "eXpecially". :rolleyes: Every time she says that I seriously want to smack her! It drives me insane!!
  13. hahaha! Any time I have tried to watch her I always end up in a trance and then snap out of it somewhere in the middle of the tutorial when the cheese factor gets too high. I would probably subscribe to her if she wasn't so "la la land" with everything...

  14. Thank you!!!!!111
  15. :lol: hahahahaha! Girl, you crack me up!