Make up gurus Gossip/Chat

  1. Yeah, I read them. I have learned some interesting things from that blog.
  2. LOL what have you learned? DISH!
  3. Gossip! I like to gossip about Blair and Elle, speaking of where did they go in the youtube world? And I wish I had the money to just jet off to LA for a few days of NYC. ...:shocked:
  4. oh I love that blog some interesting things about some of the beauty gurus
  5. I just came across this... doesn't this video remind you guys of Juicystar07's amiclub video? total commercial. I use to like fafinette but she never does tutorials anymore! What gives?
  6. I love this blog now!!!! big fail on blair and elle. lol. I don't think I'd be leaving high school to make videos! too many memories missing out on
    from the blog, my favorite part "The segment basically showed Lisa and Lizzy for what they really are - obnoxious, greedy, money hungry snobs."
  7. Did y'all see the video clip of Elle pretending to forget "Super Bowl" twice?

    I don't understand...why would she want to pretend like she's ditzy? She made the video private right after uploading it and then said that youtube took it down for copyright issues. I guess maybe she didn't realize she forgot to edit one of those out. :shrugs: A few people asked her about it and she blocked them. Again...why?? Why not just be honest?
  8. HAHA! I was just watching that on the blog posted on here. I love it so much :smile:
  9. I LOVE this thread!!! I'm sooooo obsessed w/ YouTube makeup tutorials and makeup favorite makeup guru is definitely Michele1218
    She's ADORABLE and seems so sweet!
  10. agreed! I love her videos! she's definately a great teacher:biggrin:
  11. uggghh I wish the elle and blair sensation would just GO AWAY

    So like her to block someone LOL who does that?
  12. I personally like Kandee Johnson's tutorials. I think they're really informative and I really like some of her makeup ideas!
  13. lmao

    Were they really on Good Morning America? I hate the show, so I refuse to watch but if I knew they were on it, it would have been worth a watch.

    It was about their Forever 21 Haul or something?
  14. I had read one of the posts on that blog before but didn't realize there were other posts. That one chick with the electric blue shadow all over her lower lid...WOW...
  15. Yea forever 21 followed them around to do a segment on haul videos online. I think that's where their agent came into play, giving them more exposure. The best part of that segment was when the journalist was like 'um, so Blair quit high school so she can SHOP?!?!":biggrin:

    The comments about Irene/Pinkiecharm are...ehhh
    I mean I understand why people think she's a bitach because of her little disclaimer before all of her videos. But I would do it too, so many times I'd watch a video and they'll be comments like " How much would this cost in Norway?" "What kind of color is that?" When you can find all this out by searching yourselves.

    On the other hand, I've seen her reply to people's comments, and they weren't very nice. Remember Nikki20sixx video calling out the "gurus" Irene was all over the comments, harrasing people -_-