Make Up Forever !

  1. I love their Star Powders & Diamond Powders and their Super Matte Loose Powder!:yes:

    The Sephora by me stopped carrying the line. :cry:
  2. I bought a cream eyeliner and I really liked the color. It was a brown shimmery color. The only problem I had was sharpening it. It was very difficult and I'm not sure it was me or the pencil.
  3. I really like the Pearly Waterproof Eye Shadow Pencil, Lift Concealer and this litte powder that is pearly and very fine for cheeks or highlights.
  4. I recently bought their eyeliner pencil in turquoise. For some reason, this color works really well with my light brown eyes and fair skin and i love it for Summer. I've gotten lots of compliments!
  5. I have the Mat Velvet foundation-I dont normally use liquid I swear by BE but this one has the best coverage-its a little on the heavy side so I only use it when I am rashy and this does the trick, also I have oily skin and live in Florida and it holds up for hours!
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