Make-up for your beautiful eyes?

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  1. Eyes are the most beautiful and sensitive part of our body, so how you make ot more beautiful? What you prefer for your eye make-up?? Mascara/ kajal/ sparkles/eye shadows???
  2. I love it all. Shadows, liners, mascara ... Everything pretty because I love makeup.
  3. I only wear mascara, occasionally liner on the lower line but i don't like to overdo it!
  4. Wear mascara w/kohl in my water line but usually not during very warm weather
  5. Mascara is a must. Sometimes I wear black eyeliner on the top and tightline on the bottom with a nude pencil.
  6. For the past few weeks I've been wearing 2-3 eyeshadows on my lids, eyeliner on my lash line and on my waterline, and mascara.
  7. Mascara, Kajal, Eyeshadow
  8. I start off with Virginic's eye serum- it's so nice. I let it sink in (that's why i wake up so early). I usually use natural looking makeup, so pigmentation isn't as important for me. I go for elf eyeshadow/nyx!
  9. For workdays, I usually just dust highlighter on my lids (the same one I use on my cheeks) and 2 coats of Clinique Lash Power mascara. For fun days, I might add some Wet n' Wild Nutty eyeshadow in my outer corners to accompany the highlighter. Sometimes I play with colors and use one of my Maybelline Color Tattoos as eyeliner. I'm kinda lazy in the summertime when makeup doesn't want to stay put anyway.
  10. All - Eye liner, Mascara, kajal, sparkles, eye shadows. I love make-up!
  11. I always do my brows with a pencil and use mascara and a curler. Some days I use a wash of highlighter, some days eyeliner and some days eyeshadow. Always colors that enhance my green eyes.