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  1. I have a LV Wapity which holds my make-up etc but wondered, now that I am the proud Mom of a 32 cm Kelly:tender: , if I should treat her to a Hermes cosmetics case. How do you store your cosmetics etc. Does a Hermes make-up bag exist?
  2. They make something called a Karo case. OT has one and has posted pics of it before.
  3. Thanks, I will try to find it.:heart:
  4. Rose, here's a pic of a Karo GM clutch/case. Really sleek, slender, and easy to get in and out of.

  5. It is gorgeous!!!! Goatskin, right? What's the dimension on it? How much does it cost?

    **Not sure if I should call you OT, Lucy or 24 now
  6. Oh, That is beautiful, just the thing!, Thank you so much.:heart: Do you know what it retails for?
  7. I used to have a small canvas "bolide" shaped bag (like a toiletries bag - you find them in the baby department)....they come in cream, pale pink and pale blue with the little hermes rocking horse embroidered on them.I used to use this as a make up pouch.
  8. They come in PALE PINK???:nuts: Right now I'm using one of those free cosmetic bags from Estee Lauder for my makeup, but I'd love an H one.
  9. Thanks, I shall look into them too:heart:
  10. they're REALLY pale pink, Kou.....that's the colour I had - it was a gift for DD #1, but I pinched it.......what does a baby need a toileteries bag for, when her Mum can put it to better use!!! LOL!
  11. Hahaha! Darn right! Mommy can make better use of an H toileterie bag:yes: Dang, now I want one too.

    I'm so easily distracted, just wave something pink in front of me and off the track I go ...
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