Make Up Clutch...

  1. Has anyone seen the MAKE UP Clutches at their local store and know of the color availability? I called Bal NY and they seemed to only have a few colors in.

  2. MA in Norway has it in Vert Gazon (bright green), but I guess it's too far away:smile: Just thought I'd mention it!
  3. Amaree's in Newport Beach had one in White this past week.
  4. Bought one at Bal NY this past weekend in Vert Gazon. Was there a certain color you were looking for?
  5. What??? I called 2 days ago and they didn't mention Vert Gazon...would've really loved that. I'm looking for maybe brighter colors like French Blue, Aqua, Periwinkle, Grass, etc...but just want to know my options before buying 1.
  6. When I was there this weekend, Kim had mentioned they didn't really have any other ones in bright colors( which is what I was looking for too). I did fall in love with the vert gazon. The color and leather is amazing. I'm not sure if they had any more in the back. She did show me one in vermillion and it was beautiful. You should trying calling them again tomorrow.
  7. Pamela Robins in Scarsdale, NY had one last weekend in Vert Gazon.
  8. Thanks E! I'll give them a call later.
  9. Hey, P, when I spoke to Kim at BalNY on Thursday, here's the lowdown she gave me on some styles on which I'd inquired, including the M/U Clutch:

    "Mid-Afternoon ($1195) White, black, caramel, vermillion red, truffle, olive

    Afternoon ($1245) White, black, caramel, vermillion red, truffle, olive
    brown, seagreen, french blue, natural, marine, grass, cafe

    Make-up ($495) white, black, cafe, marine, caramel, vermillion red,
    natural, truffle

    Coin Purse ($285) emerald, rust, and cornflower would be the brightest we
    have right now, we will be receiving more colors such as the vermillion
    probably in the next two weeks or so."

  10. Thanks for the update! I've been really looking for the right color. Hmm...French blue Afternoon sounds so delish. I'll give them a call in 2 weeks...well, I might actually be going up there again at the end of the month.

    However I just won this on eBay (Thanks perc) will post pics next week or so along w/ my other new purchases.

  11. Congrats!! That's a beautiful gray!
  12. Thank you! I lost out on this one:


    So I'm very glad the grey clutch came my way!
  13. Congrats, P! I'd been eyeing percephonie's clutch for ages, but am glad that a tPF'er got it...
  14. ^THANKS! It's actually a 'gift' to me but I helped pick it out...can't wait to get it.