Make-up clutch worth it? Please help....

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  1. So after calling around it is apparent that the small toilet case is nowhere to be found retail wise. I am now considering the make-up clutch, could you tell me what you think of it and is it worth the $495 price tag. I have never seen one IRL but have seen pictures in this forum. Or do you think I could use the coin purse as a make-up case, just streamlined? I've always found all you girls have great advice so please please help me decide! Thank you!
  2. What color Toilette case were you looking for?
  3. I wasn't tooooo fussed which MRG!
  4. I use my coin purse as my everyday makeup bag inside my bbags. I usually just carry lip gloss, stick, balms etc...
  5. How much would you carry in it?
  6. lip balm, concealer, eyeliner, maybe one more thingy
  7. ^^^Sounds like the coin purse will work for you!
  8. Thanks Zac! I just got off the phone with Bal NY, I have decided on one of the clutches in one of the newer Spring colours and am now deciding on a colour for the coin purse. :nuts: I am :nuts:
  9. CONGRATS! You will love both!
  10. Thanks MRG, my cc statement won't!
  11. OMG girlie!!!!!!:nuts::yahoo: :nuts: What color clutch did you get? What colors are you deciding on for the coin purse???
  12. :nuts: The clutch I decided on Anthracite, which I am told will be available earliest end of Feb. (which is killing me, because I am an 'overnight it' kind of girl!!!) and the coin purse I want to get now now now because I can't handle it (I need help!) is between grey, lilac, ink and I think she said a brown or something. I am leaning towards one of the first two - what do you think Zac? Would lilac show dirt easily, I ask that because I have a one year old and the stuff I have to put in my bags sometimes (!!!) the lilac seems so sweet though) I have to decide by tomorrow at the latest because otherwise I will go:nuts: :nuts: :nuts: !!! LOL! Help me my fellow enabler (I mean that in the nicest sweetest way!!:cutesy: )!!
  13. girlie! girlie! girlie! We are ALL enablers here!!!!!!!!:p

    What color bags do you have so we can help you choose your coin purse????:yahoo:
  14. :yahoo: :yahoo: Well, lets see: My bbags only 2 (;) so far, hee hee) - one in black, the other in ink
    My other bags (the brands shall remain nameless!!!) - whiskey brown, grey, red, tanklike green, petal pink, greyishbeigy, a few browns, silver...
    So what do you think?

  15. grey or ink would be much more practical and go with most of your bags ..but lilac is the cutest of them all ! :yes: tough choice girl :confused1: