Make up clutch in French

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  1. Hi, i would like to buy a make up clutch in Paris (phoning them), so i would like to know how do they call make up clutch (like my Vert Gazon on the left) in French?

    Thanks a bunch x
  2. Hi Benzie,

    I don't know how Balenciaga calls the make-up clutch precisely but, my French-Canadian guess is they call it:

    - petit sac de maquillage

    where phonetically maquillage is pronounced --> makiyage

    Feel free to pm me if you need more help :smile:
  3. Benzie, do you mind posting updates if you call?
    I am interested in finding out what they have in their inventory..
    TIA :heart:
  4. me too thanks!!
  5. trousse maquillage