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  1. someones other thread made me ask this..

    what brushes do you use if any?? what do you recommend...

    currently i use whatever little thing that comes with the makeup.. or my fingers.. i had a chanel bronzer brush that was nice.. but i really want a nice brush set.. and like makeup box to store my stuff.... need to find something good. or those trays that MAC has that holds eyeshadows
  2. i like trish mcevoy brushes for eyes and have been using my BE brushes for face and they have been working well (and they come in the starter set so they are practically free).
  3. i just realised there is another thread onthis..

    mods feel free to close this..

    ^ thanks guys though
  4. mac
  5. I use to only buy Bobbi Brown but I recently bought from brushes from Targey by Sonia Rykel(?) & so far they seem great especially for the price
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.