Make up brushes that don't shed. Anyone?

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  1. It all started with Bare Essentials - a brand I like except their lousy brushes which shed all over my face - then a magazine article I read said Clinique made the best brushes so I dropped a bundle on them - okay for a while, now they are leaving hairs all over may face also - I am very gentle with my brushes and am still wondering if a shedless brush exists under $100.00 -?????????
  2. Ooh, you had problems with Clinique brushes? I've had a set for probably 3-4 years that I've never had a problem with, no shedding at all. Maybe try taking them back and seeing if you can exchange them, you may have gotten a few defective ones.
  3. I don't know if you wash your brushes, but if you do that will help keep them from shedding.
  4. no, I keep them in plastic covers but I don't wash them - you mean soap and water will solve the problem???
  5. I would use either something gentle like baby shampoo or buy a conditioning brush cleanser from a makeup counter. Since the hair is real, it needs to be conditioned. It's no longer in the animal receiving the natural oils, so you have to manually do this. This makes your brushes last years longer. Wash real hair brushes every 3 - 5 months, and synthetic every day. :smile:
  6. Thanks bex - I really appreciate the info - I did not know I should be doing this - You are so helpful!
  7. Glad to be of help. :smile:
  8. I love Bobbi Brown and Shu Uemura brushes. They are the best in the market.
  9. :smile: Definitely wash your brushes... I use the BE brushes also... and, I wash them once a month.
  10. I use the Hard Candy Tools of Attraction and I don't believe I've had any problems--however, I don't wear a lot of makeup so they don't get worked too hard. They are on sale at hardcandy for $14.75 so they would definitely qualify as less than $100
  11. I use - and love MAC brushes.
    I was told to clean them. just wash them with your own shampoo once a week then you'll have great brushes for a very long time!
  12. MAC Brush cleaner is awesome! They clean and condition at the same time! Theyre about $8 a bottle and you get plenty!

    Which reminds me, I need to clean my brushes already!

    I usually just use a styrofoam cup, fill the cup with 25% water and 25% cleaner, and I'll let it sit there for an hour or two. Shaking each individual brush once in a while, after, I'll rinse and wipe the brushes and allow them to sit until dry!

    oh btw, make sure to wash in warm water!
  13. My versace brushes haven't shed yet. :P
  14. Question, What size brush can you get that will fit into a makeup case and that is used for applying press powder/foundation.

    this one here.
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] Studio Fix is a powder and foundation in one
  15. thanks for that hint, i'm looking at making some new makeup purchases and i'll be sure to put that on my list.
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