Make-up Brush versus Sponge versus Fingers

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  1. Since I can't seem to live without foundation, I have applied it in all sorts of ways.....lately with my fingers. I have used sponges a great deal in the past, but my friend told me that the sponges actually soak up more foundation that what actually goes on your face. So, I tossed all of my sponges because I got tired of buying them anyway, and I went back to my good old fingers. Now, I am trying out a really good foundation brush because it seems to go on a lot smoother and I don't have to use as much foundation, either. I just wanted to know if anyone else out there is applying their foundation with a brush......
  2. I have used many application procedures both personally and professionally and always go back to the good ole' fingers. I find it works the best to spread evenly because the heat from your fingers warms up the product and helps to spread it correctly. A sponge and brush can many times leave streaks that I end up blending with my fingers anyway!
  3. I don't care for the foundation brush. I prefer a brush as opposed to fingers, cause they are less messy. I will use a brush/sponge for my concealer though.
  4. I have found if I dampen the sponge just a tad first it won't soak up so much foundation.
  5. Stephen Moleski a celebrity makeup artist uses a Kabuki flat top brush. It works like a charm (tried it today)

    who would have thought it could work to apply foundation. I got even coverage (unlike my foundation brush) and I didn't really have to use my fingers or hands (so know washing the hands over and over). Plus the foundation went on sheer like instead of layered like with a foundation brush. highly recommend.

    See it in action:
  6. Brush definitely. It's so much easier to blend everything well. If you like having the heat from your fingers. put a dab on your hand and sort of stir it on your palm and then dip your brush on it. I always wash my hands before doing that though.
  7. Well, I just tried the brush that I bought yesterday, and I love the way the foundation went on my face and it really looks nice and natural with a lot of coverage. I was going through a phase where none of my makeup was working very well, and this seemed to do the trick! Loved that video!
  8. I totally LOVE my foundation brush. Wouldn't use anything else.
  9. foundation brushes, unless i'm in a rush I just use my fingers
  10. When i do wear foundation I always use a brush.

    I use Lancome foundation brush no. 2 - my friend got it for me when she worked the counter at Macy's, love it!!

  11. Japhson! :hugs: Thanks for posting, I'd heard about this video and forgotten about it. Cool idea using a CD as a artists pallette too. :yes:
    I.MUST.HAVE.THAT.BRUSH and I believe it's limited or DC'd. :crybaby:

    Right now I'm using a 187 or 188 to apply my foundation and love it. Since I'm a brush whore, I might as well try this one too. :P Wonder if CCO has it.
  12. When I do wear liquid foundation/tinted moisturizer (not often lately), I use a brush. I've used Smashbox's foundation brush for a long time, and just ordered a MAC 187 so I'm going to try that one with tinted moisturizer. I find when I get brush streaks, I can use the end of the brush to sort of stipple out the streaks and make the finish more even and flawless. I guess the flat top kabuki probably does exactly that!
  13. I hate using sponges on my face. My skin is very oily and bacteria quicky accumulates in the sponge, and then I break out. I mean, I could purchase more sponges and dump them after every couple applications, but that can get expensive for me. :shame:

    I defintely prefer using brushes. I wash my brushes twice a week with baby shampoo and let them dry overnight. Saves me money and keeps the pimples away. :tup:
  14. I like to use the sponge that comes with my foundation, but mine is a cream so it probably doesn't soak up as much as opposed to liquid. I personally don't like the idea of applying with a brush; I feel like it'll look caked (but that's just me, though. I've never even tried it LOL).
  15. For me the best result is to apply with freshly cleaned fingers. Then I follow up with a sponge (downward strokes) to smooth and buff the foundation.

    When I apply makeup on someone else I use a foundation brush and follow up with the sponge technique.