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  1. hi all

    was just wondering wat you guys consider to be the best brush cleaner? i have no access to mac where i am at the moment, and i refuse to pay $45 for a smashbox cleaner

    any ideas?
  2. johnson's and johnson's baby shampoo. It works better than the mac cleaner (never tried smashbox). I just fill a bowl w/ warm water, put in some baby shampoo, swish swish, rinse and dry. my brushes feel completely clean.
  3. I've used baby shampoo in the past and I just use my facial cleanser and do the same thing to clean my brushes.
  4. I use the Mac Cleaner but I'm not too fond of it. I think its actually ruining my brushes!
  5. I have a MAC brush cleaner, but I am still wondering it is working.
    After trying several times, I am using shampoo on my brush because it is also 'hair', but not sure it would be ok for my brush though..
  6. I use Kiehl's tea tree oil shampoo (a bit weird, but it works!). Just a dollop of the shampoo with warm water will do the trick.
  7. Sephora has these "brush wipes" that really work great and they are only $10 for like 50 wipes.
  8. That's what I use too - it's really gentle on the brushes and still cleans them well!
  9. another vote for j&j baby shampoo :yes:
  10. yup, j&j baby shampoo - been using it for years on my make-up brushes
  11. baby shampoo:yes:
  12. I use my regular shampoo (Aveda). A friend who's a makeup artist uses alcohol but that must kill your brushes after a while.
  13. I use Mac's. You can order it on-line if a store isn't close by. It works very well. Dilute it with water first.

    I use regular shampoo on my synthetic brushes... the ones that I use for cream based concealer.
  14. I have a few brands of brush cleaner sitting in my closet, none of them work as well as J&J Baby Shampoo. A couple drops in warm water, swish the brush, rinse= nice clean brushes!
  15. I use regular shampoo diluted w/water
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