Make-up brush cleaner?

  1. Which cleaner do you like to use on your make-up brushes? How often do you use it?
  2. baby shampoo every other day :smile:
  3. i use baby shampoo too, once a week religiously! i break out in spots if i don't!
  4. baby shampoo!
  5. i often use shu uemura...juz a bottle thru the whole year so it isnt bad...
    but if you dun realli like alcohol smell you may got for shampoo which will work too...
  6. I usually clean my brushes with eye makeup remover then with a very mild detergent.
    The important thing is to rinse well and lay them flat to dry!
  7. I love MAC's brush cleaner!
  8. j&j baby shampoo...
  9. I have been using a Vincent Longo brush cleaner every week. It doesn't wreck my brushes, but the only issue I have with it is the smell. It's just a strong rubbing alcoholesque smell that gets to me.

    Still looking for my holy grail product. I have tried cleaning them with water and shampoo, by the way, and that method has always dried out my brushes...

    I am also thinking about getting some makeup brush wipes from Sephora to use periodically throughout the week. Anyone used those before?
  10. I use Estee Lauder Take It Away makeup remover for my brushes. The cream and towelettes work really well.
  11. trish mcevoy brush cleaner
  12. baby shampoo as well, works great
  13. I used Clinique's spray cleaner, now I am using this stuff by Japonesque. I use the spray to clean my brushes in between monthly deep cleans. Once a month, I soak my brushes in rubbing alcohol and water for 5 minutes, then clean them with shampoo and let them air-dry.
  14. smashbox brush cleane..every other week
  15. been using j & j baby shampoo for years - works great