Make-up bag to go in my Bbags???

  1. Hi All,

    I need to get a new make-up bag that will look good with my Bbags as well as fit in my LV Speedy.

    Any suggestions?

    I carry a lot of make-up with me at all times (due to having my over night bag stolen once w/all my make up in it).

    I'm looking for a bright color as well so I can see it in the bottomless pit of my Day bag.

    Any Balenciaga styles?

    Thank you :heart:
  2. Have you thought about the toilette case? That would be good for your make up.
  3. Balenciaga actually makes a 'make up' could use it as a clutch's really cute!!
  4. I have a LV make- up bag and it fits citys and first very well!!!:yes:
  5. I know you said Balenciaga, but to save money for more bags, I use a fun and brightly patterned LeSportsac makeup bag. The best part is that it is cute and only cost $14. It seems to be the shape and size of the balenciaga toilet case.
  6. Where do I get one!! I want the makeup bag!!!!!!!!!!!

    Linda Marie
  7. Thanks all for the suggestions. :flowers:
    I have a LV make up bag and if you can believe this it is too small. Right now i'm using the bag that came with my Chanel Cabas bag. It is the perfect size but I hate using it when I'm not using my Chanel bag. I don't want to ruin it.
  8. Ooh, Balenciaga should make a bag that comes with the bigger bags!
    then again, why do that when we willingly pay extra?
  9. im not sure, LV is hard wearing so maybe a larger LV make up bag?
  10. You should check out Zacorey's thread regarding her white toilet case. I would highly recommend it. I also have the LV cosmetic pouchette - which I like but am stuck on my toilet case at least for awhile. The LV may wear better over time, however.
  11. i think the balenciaga makeup clutch is gorgeous!

    here's a pic of mine!


  12. I use my pewter b-bag Makeup bag whenever I carry my Work (or any other large non-b-bag). It makes finding stuff so much easier, plus if I'm just zipping around town I take the Makeup by itself, packed with the essentials. So glamourous! :smile:
  13. Oooh!!

    I want one too! How much does one retail for? :p
  14. $495
  15. I agree. Also perfect for fitting in all Bbags. Here's mine in a city. I love mine!!:love: