Make up bag for jumbo purse suggestion

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  1. I need to get a new little bag to keep things like lip gloss, a pen, mini lotion, etc. in. What do you guys like? I actually bought a Chanel red lamb makeup bag but it's so cute I carry it as a clutch. So clearly it needs to be a little less special than Chanel or it will not end up on the inside of my bag. I like to carry all my loose ends in a little bag so that I can switch purses by grabbing my wallet, my makeup bag, and my key fob. It makes the switch so much faster!

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  2. LV has a cosmetic pouch in several colors.
  3. I use a LV mini pochette. I find it's the perfect size and shape.
  4. Depending on how much you need to carry, I would suggest a Balenciaga coin purse. I have a couple that I put my odds and ends in and just switch them between bags as I need. They come on lovely colours and are nice and squishy.
  5. I have also a few bal coin pouches and they are great. I use them to carry foreign currency when I travel. They are small, but if you don't need to carry much, they may work.
  6. I also use a LV mini pochette. It allows me to still fit a full size wallet in my jumbo plus more.
  7. I use my chanel cosmetic pouch (its a standard size) for reference the size of a LV cosmetic pouch in PM
  8. ^^ but I know what you mean its so cute I do end up using it as a clutch :smile:
  9. Thanks for all the suggestions, I will look at the balenciaga and LV ones.
  10. I love little makeup bags from Smythson of London. They come in beautiful colors and 2 sizes, are very well made and the leather is gorgeous. Ive also been using their zip wallet and eye/sunglass case for nearly 2 years and they still look new. Their website is and their customer service is great.
  11. LV cosmetic pouches are nice and I sometimes use my Longchamp pouch - they come in different sizes and they're really good.