Make up Artist Discounts

  1. I know that MAC offers the Pro discount, but do any other make up lines offer discounts for make up artists?
  2. I am a beautician would I count for the pro for mac ? I can't remember?
  3. Yes, you would qualify for the MAC Pro Card. It requires sending in a copy of your cosmetology license and several other varifications. You would get a 30% discount by registering as a stylist. If you are a makeup artist you qualify for 40%. I am a stylist/makeup artist and I had to have the VP of Sales at my company write a letter on company letter head saying that I do all of the makeup for our packaging and commercial signage and so forth plus send in my license and my business card. You can contact them at their offices in Canada, through their website and just click on the link that says MAC Pro or something similar.
  4. Thanks a mill Believe it or not I use to work for mac and never applied for it and I am A qualified Beautician.
  5. I've done some research and found that LAURA MERCIER and ORIGINS also offer a makeup artist discount. I think Smashbox does, but not sure yet.
  6. Do you know what the procedure is with Laura Mercier or the others to get the discount?