Make up a Funny Band Name!

  1. My DH and I do this all the time. We've come up with some doozies. I'll start:

    Federal Cheese Wheel

    What can you come up with?
  2. The radio morning show I listen to has a game they call "Band or Bogus". Over the course of their radio conversations, phrases pop up that sound like a band. They "save" them and use it as a game on Fridays. It's hysterical!

    One I remember was "Searching for Apollo"
  3. How bout

    Kitten Whiz
  4. I had always heard about Preemie and the Preg Nancies...
  5. Loose Balls Reunion
  6. Side Show Llama
  7. The Bag wenches
  8. Studio Magic

  9. Shimpnitz crayon
  10. Four Blonde Nuns
  11. Cardio Chocolate
  12. Trailer Park Pamela
  13. My daughter made up this one: The Hunchback Crows
  14. Sweater Midgets
  15. Nuns Buns.