*** Make Tiltes Descriptive *** Search Before Posting *** Post In Right Subs ***

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  1. Welcome to BBag Heaven :flowers:

    To help the forum stay neat and tidy, create threads for future reference, and general ease of usability please use the following guidelines when posting:

    Before creating a new thread SEARCH for old ones to tack onto first.

    When starting a new thread give it a DESCRIPTIVE TITLE.
    like "HMWe46's new Violet Make-Up"or "HMWe46 goes crazy and sells a shoe to fund a bbag" or whatever :shame:

    Stay away from titles like, "HELP!" or "Need Opinions" or "New BBag"


    Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the layout of the Balenciaga sub-forums:

    There is a Reference Library that includes the following:

    * Balenciaga Color Information by Season
    * Dimensions and Prices for all Balenciaga Styles

    There is a Shopping Section that includes:

    * Authenticate This Balenciaga
    * Reputable Stores Carrying Balenciaga
  2. Great idea. I think a lot of threads get overlooked simply because there is no description and people look for the most interesting looking thread, naturally, not intentionally.
  3. Yes!! This is one of my pet peeves!! Thanks for addressing it. :tup:

    P.S. The title of this thread is a great example...I instantly knew what it was all about. ;)
  4. Great suggestions!
  5. Totally agree with Fiatflux!

    Thanks HMWe46! :tup:
  6. bump :wlae:
  7. Totally agree!! :tup:
  8. :flowers:
  9. bump the for Newbies :heart:

    lots of non-descriptive titles getting lost out there ;)
  10. I don't know if this will fix it, but when tlaking about the leather can you say 2004 or 2005 since the forum doesn't allow you to search for things that are two digits. I don't know if that's a big idea, but since people like certain years and leathers it might help?
  11. Great suggestion!!! :tup:

    Instead of SS08 try Spring Season 2008 :okay:

    That way when Mr Search returns we can find things more easily :yes:

  12. okie dokie pokie! :yes:
  13. Welcome to all the new BBag addicts :flowers:

    Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the layout of the Balenciaga sub-forum:

    There is a Reference Library that includes the following:

    There is a Shopping Section that includes:

    There is also a forum Search feature: please use this before starting a new thread.

    And finally, please Title your threads more descriptively. "Need Help" is not the best subject line :nogood: Try, "My bag is too veiny should I return it?" or something:

    Thank you :tup:
  14. bump :heart:

  15. ^^ Did you forget to search before creating a new thread :graucho:? Sorry, I just couldn't resist :P!!
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